Monday, December 26, 2011

Marched the Jesuits up to the top of the hill and marched them down again


There seems to have been some catastrophic event in the early sixties that started the precipitous fall in the number of Jesuits.  Can't think what that would be.

Kronika Novus Ordo: Dlaczego jest tak źle, skoro było tak dobrze?:

St Ignatius could be writing to the Jesuits of today when he wrote

You are much deceived in thinking that the cause of your unrest and little progress in following the way of the Lord comes from the place where you live, or your superiors, or your brethren. This unrest comes from within you, that is, it comes from your own lack of humility, obedience, and prayer, and finally from a want of mortification and fervor in advancing in the way of perfection. You could have a change in residence, of superiors, and of brethren, but if the interior man is not changed these other changes will do you no good. Everywhere will be the same for you, unless you become humble, obedient, devout, and you mortify your self-love. This is the change you should seek and no other.
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