Sunday, May 08, 2011

Evidence of the Vatican's complete lack of commitment to Latin Mass

Der Heilige Vater - Benedikt XVI. - Motu Proprio - Der Heilige Stuhl:

"Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum on the "Roman liturgy prior to the reform of 1970" (July 7, 2007)
[Hungarian, Latin]"

The Motu Proprio is only available on the Vatican website in Latin and Hungarian!

So the Hungarian bishops have no excuse for not implementing the Motu Proprio! And exactly how many bishops can read Latin in these modern times?

It is entirely symptomatic of the ecclesiastical limbo since the breakdown of the negotiations between the Holy See and the Society of St Pius X- almost inevitable if unreserved acceptance of the Second Vatican Council, to the exclusion of many other sources of authority, is used as a doctrinal test.

Vatican II cannot be used as a lens, with poor and unchangeable focus, transmitting little light, through which the whole of ecclesiastical history and indeed Revelation itself can be judged.

As a consequence, the Society will continue to be their own authority, with no hope of the great prize of influence on the whole Church.

Without the Latin Mass as a pre-condition, there is no way back for the Church, certainly in Europe.

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