Thursday, October 07, 2010

Anglican vicar supports environmental group than thinks killing children is a joke

The environmental group, 10:10 that launched a campaign to reduce carbon dioxide emissions decided that the best way to promote their cause would be a video, produced by the famous Richard Curtis, he of Four Weddings and a Funeral and the Bridget Jones films.

This has all gone disastrously wrong for them as this involves the gruesome explosive decapitation of children who are less than 100 percent behind the idea of climate change.

Caution- strong stomach required for this.

The video was withdrawn with this half-hearted “apology” about which I will say more shortly.

But it appears from the website that the campaign still has the support of various members of faith groups, including an Anglican cleric in unclerical green, who prefers to boast about wearing the 10:10 rather than the Cross on which Our Lord was crucified.

Cathcon conducted a very swift investigation and the identity of the hapless cleric is non-other than the leading clerical light behind the Church of England’s National Environmental Campaign., David Bookless, who is director of an outfit called A Rocha UK

Their motto, "We live in a wonderful world which God has asked us to look after together"

Will the Church of England dissociate themselves from a child-decapitating environmental group who surely must have Herod as their patron saint, rather than Jesus as their Lord?

The twenty one bishops and all the Dioceses who support the Anglican campaign need to give answers to this and quickly. Churches are meant to be safe places for children, and where they can be free from fear, not terrorised by environmental ideologues.

Doubtless it is the same people that would accuse the Catholic Church of indoctrination- imagine if the Church had produced a video to warn of the dangers of not paying attention during catechism classes.

Islamic Aid also supports the 10:10 Campaign.