Friday, October 01, 2010

Call in Belgium for Pope to resign

Pédophilie: appel à la démission du pape

Pope Benedict XVI should "resign" because of the pedophilia scandal affecting the Catholic Church, the Belgian psychiatrist Peter Adriaenssens who examined hundreds of cases abuse by priests in Belgium.

"The pope should not be content to express his regrets, but it should also consider his position and resign," said Peter Adriaenssens in an interview published by the Flemish daily De Morgen.

"There is a difference between being responsible and taking responsibility," says the child psychiatrist, who said that two Belgian ministers who resigned after the brief escape in 1998 of pedophile Marc Dutroux, were not his guardians.

"We must also be able to say after all that has happened within the Church, a person must take responsibility [...] Because the problem does not only exist in Belgium but is globally widespread, the Pope should lead by example ", adds Peter Adriaenssens.

Professor Adriaenssens presented on Sept. 10 the report of a "Committee for handling complaints of sexual abuse in a pastoral relationship" which he directed from January to June. He revealed that nearly 500 people had informed him of abuses committed by priests since the 50s and that 13 victims had committed suicide.