Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Great Seminary of Bruges has just one recruit this year.

Big thank you to Cardinal Danneels and his old friend from seminary days, the former Bishop of Bruges.

30 years of Danneels games left the whole of Belgium a devastated vineyard.

Belgian Church spokesman thinks direct action by Pope on abusing Bishop would be authoritarian!

"And a penalty imposed by the Pope himself, I find very authoritarian. In my opinion the best solution possible would be for Vangheluwe to punish himself by requesting a return to the secular state."

It is reckoned a canonical trial could take five years.

Gad sir, the Pope has just to stand around and do nothing while the episcopal pedophile remains in the episcopy, just because if he did, it would be too authoritarian. I now heard everything.

This is like not wanting to shoot Hitler because it would be just too violent.

So far clear majority in favour of laicisation or excommunication of Cardinal Danneels

In the Cathcon poll

Bishop of Bruges against celibacy and for women priests

Bisschop Brugge pleit voor niet-celibataire priesters -

"Jozef De Kesel, the new Bishop of Bruges, has placed celibacy and the status of women within the church under discussion. In addition, the church in him blind to the suffering of the abused victims.

According to De Kesel celibacy should no longer be required to be a priest. "One could say that there should be celibate priests, but people for whom celibacy is humanly impossible, the chance should be given to become a priest," he told Radio 1.

The bishop is also open to the possibility of women priests. "That is certainly negotiable and I hope for it, but it is still more sensitive than the issue of celibacy. I think the discussion about celibacy can proceed much faster than the debate on the admission of women to the priesthood."

Bad timing, Bishop! Given the catastrophes that have overtaken the Belgian church, you have little standing in the matter.

Pope gives his opinion of liturgical standards in Westminster Abbey


“Wherever applause breaks out in the liturgy because of some human achievement, it is a sure sign that the essence of liturgy has totally disappeared and been replaced by a kind of religious entertainment. Such attraction fades quickly - it cannot compete in the market of leisure pursuits, incorporating as it increasingly does various forms of religious titillation.” Pope Benedict in Spirit of the Liturgy.

Pope meets with the improper

“The ecclesial communities which have not preserved the valid Episcopate and the genuine and integral substance of the Eucharistic mystery, are not Churches in the proper sense; however, those who are baptized in these communities are, by Baptism, incorporated in Christ and thus are in a certain communion, albeit imperfect, with the Church.”

Bishop Williamson has new day in court

The trial of the arch-conservative bishop of the St. Pius X due to denial of the mass murder of six million Jews during the Third Reich learns a new edition. Appellate proceedings before the District Court of Regensburg have been fixed for 29 November.

The trial of the arch-conservative member of th SSPX, Bishop Richard Williamson, according to a court spokesman goes to a new round. Thus, there will be on 29th November before the District Court of Regensburg, a new round of the trial of the bishop. Williamson relativized in November 2008 before television cameras during an interview with a Swedish TV station in the Seminary of the Sacred Heart in Zaitzkofen bei Schierling the number of Jews murdered during the Third Reich .

In the trial in April, the Swedish state had also snubbed the German legislature. The Swedish Chancellor of Justice wrote to say that the subpoena put forward by the prosecution of the TV journalists involved was incompatible with freedom of expression, which applies in Sweden. She refused help the legal authorities in the case against the bishop.

This Regensburg district court had sentenced Williamson in April 2010 because of incitement to 100 days fine of 100 € per day. It remained slightly below the demand of the prosecution of a 120 days fine, but the SSPX Bishop was given a preliminary conviction in Germany. Already, the bishop's lawyer, Matthias Loßmann had announced that Williamson did not accept the penalty and will go to appeal.

The news of a new judicial round is sensitive given the visit of Pope Benedict to Britain on Thursday. The Pope's visit is already controversial as the Church of England had in the 16th Century split off from Rome. Queen Elizabeth II is also head of the church. British media, which are known as the toughest afraid at the moment does not hold back on Benedict's past as a member of the Hitler Youth - the current Pope was then just 16 years old and was forcibly drafted.

Williamson's remarks and the case against him brought a clarification note from Rome as, Benedict lifted the excommunication of the four illegally SSPX consecrated bishops including Williamson. Worldwide, it resulted massive criticism, because the SSPX had not sufficiently distanced himself from Williamson's remarks.

The picture the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales would have wanted suppressed

Pope Benedict at Evening Prayer at Westminster Abbey