Monday, September 13, 2010

Church takes action on sexual abuse

7s7 Belgique - L'Eglise veut creer un centre pour les victimes d'abus (1156742)

The Belgian Catholic Church has for the first time since the publication of the Adriaenssens Commission report officially responded at a press conference.

Bishop Leonard spoke with emphasis first on the victims' suffering, "suffering that we live mainly in the course of contemporary events and which should never have happened." An empathy which has been insisted on by the victims of sexual abuse who accused the Church until now of lack of compassion, even if Bishop Leonard stopped short of asking for forgiveness.

Too early
According to the Archbishop of Malines-Brussels, it is still too early as of today given the complexity of the facts, to make a concrete proposal to resolve this matter.

The bishop of Tournai, Mons Guy Harpigny, then reiterated his desire that the former Bishop of Bruges, Roger Vangheluwe, accused of pedophilia should be tried at a canonical trial.

Then Johan Bonny, Bishop of Antwerp, spoke to announce the creation of a "Centre for the Recognition, Healing and Reconciliation" for the pastoral care of victims of sexual abuse, which will succeed the Adriaenssens Commission .

Finally, when asked about the case of Roger Vangheluwe by the press, Archbishop Leonardo reiterated that it was for the Pope to decide the fate of the former Bishop of Bruges. (Vt)