Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vietnamese Easter Dancing in Bavarian Church


German World Cup Mass

Ministranten spielten in Lamer Kirche Fussball :: Homepage - Region - Cham - Cham - Nachrichten :: Mittelbayerische Zeitung ::

Football in Lamer Church
Flags, horns and believers in football jerseys did not disturb the character of the sacred Mass. Parish priest sent out invitations to World Cup Worship.

LAM. Father Ambros Trummer called on his parish at the beginning of the Football Championship to come to Sunday Mass with football fan articles. And thats just what they did. The church was up to the gallery filled with black, red and gold banners, pennants, Vuvuzelas, caps, team jerseys and balls. The choir of the confirmands and their parents sang football songs like "Stand up , if you ..", "We are the champions" and other songs from the "Green Book". Pastoral Assistant Martin Münch practiced with the faithful "La Ola" and the servers could play football in the nave. Despite all this, the sacred charecter of Mass is not disturbed. The sermon was about the wedding at Canas at which Jesus himself had also celebrated.

Cathcon comment- Trummer literally means ruin. Parish priest certainly living up to his name.

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