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Cardinal Danneels says Latin Mass

.... his first Mass as a priest.
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A priest raped by a priest and abandoned by the Church

Un abbé violé par un prêtre et abandonné par l'Eglise

The daily Le Soir revealed the iconic story of a priest abused by a priest, then coldly abandoned by the Church. At one point, the diocese had even wanted to transfer him to the diocese where the abuser still currently works.

Fascinated by the Church, Father became an altar boy, begins Le Soir. For years, he was abused by a priest. At the time, his godmother wrote to Cardinal Danneels, but he had simply replied wih an acknowledgment, through his secretariat. A terse response to 14 pages écritex this lady after the drama had known his godson for years, says the daily.

They wanted him to be close to his abuser

The man, now aged about forty years, was abused between the age of 8 and 15. Moreover, the episcopal authorities have done everything to transfer the priest in the diocese where today the abuser works. Cardinal Danneels was aware, informed by the sponsor of the priest, but did not follow the case. All have turned a deaf ear, "says Le Soir.

On Wednesday afternoon in a sleeping bag

The priest's abuses were committed on Wednesday afternoon, when he organized trips to the pool for his children's choir, the newspaper said. Moreover, during the school holidays, he organized trips to a caravan site for a few days. During these trips, he took a double sleeping bag which he shared with a different child each night. According to the testimony, it is at this point that the touching took place, without any penetration or violence.

A breakthrough, maybe?

On Wednesday, the prosecuting authorities made contact with him and the case is now the subject of individual consideration by the courts. The priest abuser, aged 73, is still active in his province.

Cathcon comment- the case is covered by statute of limitation. If the Cardinal has taken this attitude in more recent cases, he is potentially in legally dangerous territory.

Abbot and Prior of Ettal rehabilitated

Benediktinerabtei Ettal

Abbot Barnabas Bögle and Father Maurus Kraß rehabilitated

Yesterday Ettal received a letter from Cardinal Franc Rode, Prefect of the Vatican Congregation for Religious. The letter is addressed to Dr. Abbot Marianus Bieber OSB, deputy Abbot President of the Bavarian Benedictine Congregation. Cardinal Rode announces the result of the Apostolic Visitation:

"Abbot Barnabas Bögle and Prior Maurus stepped down from their offices on 24 and 25th February respectively. On the part of this Congregation,there are no objections to their re-election.

The Visitation confirms in its report that neither the reporting requirement has been violated nor the prescribed Diocesan guidelines for suspected sexual abuse. The Visitation are rather of the opinion that Abbot Barnabas has done all that was possible in the context. "

They also confirm that in the talks, which they conducted with Archbishop of Munich-Freising and his vicar-general both have been assured that there were no concerns about Abbot Barnabas nor against Prior Maurus personally and it can be imagined that both re-enter their roles. "

In addition, the Congregation for Religious gives instructions that an Abbatial election should take place on 31/07/2010.

Michael Müller

Bishop Mixa’s successor announced


The Gorlitz Bishop Konrad Zdarsa succeeds the retired bishop of Augsburg, Walter Mixa. The Görlitz diocese has announced . Zdarsa has headed the smallest German diocese of Görlitz for three years. The Vatican decision was exceptionally fast. Source


The Gorlitz Bishop Konrad Zdarsa succeeds the retired bishop of Augsburg, Walter Mixa. Pope Benedict XVI has named him as bishop of the Diocese of Augsburg, said the Diocese of Görlitz on Thursday.  The 66 year old comes from the Saxon town of Hainichen.


Since then, he has lead Görlitz the smallest diocese with about 30,000 Catholics.


Quickly found a successor

Mixa had asked the Pope to resign after allegations against him had been raised that he had struck children and approached improperly seminarians. Pope Benedict accepted the resignation of the 69-year-old Bishop of Augsburg on the 8thMay.

Cardinal Danneels lodges civil complaint

Fuites: le cardinal Danneels depose plainte | RTBF INFO

Cardinal Danneels is lodging a civil complaint for breach of the confidentiality of the investigations following the dissemination of information that the picture of a naked girl was found on his computer. It was simply a work of art from the Collection Canvas of the broadcaster RTBF.

The photo in question has in fact been automatically downloaded to the computer of the prelate from VRT website during a visit to this site and therefore without any willful intent. It is a work of art, made by a student Liege.

Much information has circulated in the press about the investigation concerning pedophilia within the Church, the leaks of which are also annoying to the justice authorities. The Brussels public prosecutor has confirmed that it has opened a criminal information for violation of the secrecy of the investigation.

Investigators suspect more victims of the Bishop of Bruges

HLN Belgie- Parket vermoedt meer slachtoffers Vangheluwe (1130911)

Bruges investigating magistrates have broadened the investigation against former Bishop Roger Vangheluwe. There are still indications that he had more than one victim, said attorney Jean-Marie Berkvens on Friday morning . The ex-bishop is risking a prosecution for gross negligence.

In the weeks following the removal from office, some media have reported Vangheluwe about a possible second victim, and a suicide in the family Could be related to sexual abuse by the bishop. The Bruges prosecutor refused to confirm the reports, but has decided to take matters further.

"Reports of other facts"
"The first acts are under the statute of limitations, that's obvious, but we are now investigating reports that there have been other acts," says attorney Berkvens. The ongoing investigation was initially focused on a specific case, but has gradually expanded. We now are in possession in possession of documents sent by intermediaries and have examined a computer. "

The question also arises how Vangheluwe as bishop himself has responded to reports of sexual abuse. "We are investigating whether the former bishop can be prosecuted for ignoring years of complaints about sexual abuse in his diocese. The name of Cardinal Danneels also comes up," says the investigating attorney.

Cathcon- this potentially could get quite serious for the Cardinal. The former Bishop of Bruges was a good friend. Even if he knew about the first case, he could not be charged because the statute of limitations would also cover him- but if there is a more recent case and he knew something, then that is a different matter.

His claims that he knew nothing are greeted with incredulity by family members of victims who went to see him with their concerns. He at the time dismissed what he was told.