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"Marriage is not for Adam and Steve"- priest apologises

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Petition in Support of the Pope- reaches 20000 signatures-BIG THANKYOU to one and all


Pope's brother apologises for administering corporal punishment

Ratzinger: Papstbruder entschuldigt sich fuer Ohrfeigen - Missbrauchsskandal - FOCUS Online

The former head of the Regensburg Cathedral choir, the Pope's brother Georg Ratzinger has apologised for abuses during his tenure. And he admits that he has boxed pupils around the ears.

He has repeatedly slapped pupils during rehearsals "but almost always with a bad conscience" had, "said Ratzinger, the" Passauer Neue Presse newspaper on Tuesday. The slaps had been "simply the way of reacting to failures or deliberate refusal perform well." Some educators used a "certain roughness" in those days. But he was relieved when in 1980 corporal punishment was prohibited by the legislature. "I have conformed to this ban most strictly." It was a "good development that the renunciation of slapping was based on a through knowledge."

He was aware that the then director had often dealt out very violent blows for a trivial cause, "said Ratzinger. Students had told him on concert tours what had happened to them. "But their reports have not been made to me in such a way, that I thought I ought to do something." He himself at that time had no options of intervening. The boarding school was an independent institution. The director had gone into retirement in1992 because of public criticism of his teaching methods. "Today, of course, judges totally different," said the 86-year-old, who from 1964 to 1994 was on the staff of the cathedral of Regensburg. Any brutal approach to law is perceived as horrible. "If I had known how excessively violent he was, then I would have said something at that time." He condemned what had happened and asked the victims for forgiveness

The newly reported cases of sexual abuse in the famous choir "had never been discussed". There had been silence, but not just in the church. " society in general was like that." Ratzinger affirmed that his brother, Pope Benedict XVI. was very sympathetic to all the victims. He could now only appeal to those responsible for abuses and condemn the acts. "Moreover, he can ask consistently for the way of respect and reverence for human integrity."

Archabbot of St Peter's in Salzburg resigns in abuse scandal

Salzburger Erzabt gesteht Missbrauch - Missbrauch durch Geistliche - › Panorama

Victims turned to Ombudsman, priest offers resignation
Salzburg - Salzburg, the Abbot Bruno Becker has offered because of sexual abuse 40 years ago of someone who was a minor at the time offered the competent religious superiors his resignation. Immediately after the crime he had sincerely apologised to the person concerned. He still regretted the incident profoundly and apologised profoundly, he said in a press release late Monday afternoon.

At the time the deed, he was 24 years old and not yet a priest. Since this unfortunate event and in all his pastoral work there had been no single incident of this kind either directed to this individual, or other persons, the cleric stressed.

Archbishop informed

After the election of the Abbot of St. Peter, the person concerned turned in the fall of 2009 to an ombudsman . In an meeting on 22 November 2009 in Vienna, where was also the ombudsman, and another confidant of the accuser were present, once again he asked those concerned to pardon him for the incident over 40 years ago and expressed his sincere remorse, the press release stated. The Abbot had been informed of this incident, including Archbishop Alois Kothgasser.

As reported, the Roman Catholic Church in Austria after the announcement of recent abuse cases has drawn some initial conclusions. In the Spring General Assembly in St. Polten in Austria of the Episcopal Conference a unified system of oversight has been commissioned, reported Cardinal Christoph Schönborn. A project is to develop proposals by the summer.

In the wake of reports of hundreds of abuse cases in Germany, it was revealed that in the previous year in Austria seventeen abuse cases have been started against Catholic schools and parishes in Austria. According to the spokesman of the Archdiocese of Vienna, Erich Leitenberger, there were 2009 in the Archdiocese of Vienna eight cases, two cases in each diocese of Graz, Innsbruck, St. Pölten and one each in Linz, Salzburg and Eisenstadt. (red, DER STANDARD, print edition 9.3.2010)