Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lead free Jesus, we tank up here!

Absurd band who think they are doing Catholic youth work in Germany

Mini-stealth priestesses right behind the Bishop of Linz


Cardinal Meisner blesses Carnival Clowns!


Week of Prayer for Christian Unity- the only ecumenism that matters- with the Eastern Churches


Bishop of Linz attacks Father Wagner

Bischof Schwarz weist Wagner zurecht |

Gloves come off- now we know what they think about eachother!
Bishop Schwarz rebukes Wagner
The Linz Diocesan Bishop Ludwig Schwarz particularly sharply reacted to the criticism published over the weekend from the Windischgarsten parish priest, Gerhard Maria Wagner, who had diagnosed a "silent schism" in Linz. Schwarz rebuked Wagner, accusing him of adding "emotional heat".

Wagner was chosen about a year ago by the Vatican as auxilliary Bishop of Linz. After violent protests because of his conservative convictions, he renounced the appointment. But in the programme of "Resonance", the Festival of Early Music opening last Saturday in Vienna's Konzerthaus, he now denounces false developments in the Catholic Church in general and "abuses" in the Diocese of Linz.

"Yes, in the Catholic Church, the hat is on fire (Cathcon-implying the head is in danger!)," was his conclusion. Many priests and lay people were "in open rebellion against the Pope and the Church." He criticized the growing number of pastoral staff, who put in question "the teaching authority of the church and no longer accept internally the full faith and moral teaching of the Catholic Church. The consequences were believers who could independently decide "what they can still affirm as a Catholic", which ultimately leads to "a latent schism ", a" silent schism "said Wagner.

Schwarz hits back in the Diocesan newspaper
Bishop Schwarz sets out his position in the forthcoming edition of the newspaper of the Diocese of Linz: pastoral care and preaching today can only be done all together, by priests, deacons, lay people full-time and volunteer staff. "It is undeniable that there are as well as much good also concerns and tensions in our church. One-sided accusations and sweeping suspicions do not help to strengthen unity".

Precisely the current World Week of Prayer for Christian Unity reminds what the unity of the church with Christian denominations and with the local and universal Church is about. "In dialogue with the Pope, to whom we feel bound, emphasizes the importance of openess. What we need is a sober and objective discussion and not emotional heat, as has been published in a Viennese programme by Father Wagner. We stated the fact last year that we in the Diocese are ready for reconciliation and dialogue. It must be that we should intensify our efforts somewhat."

Church becomes Carnival Playground in Germany