Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cardinal Danneels shocked

Others would say pretends to be surprised.

Rapport Adriaenssens: le cardinal Danneels se dit "choqué"

Adriaenssens Report: Cardinal Danneels says he was "shocked"

The spokesman of Cardinal Godfried Danneels reported Saturday that he was "shocked" to read stories of victims of pedophilia within the Church.

Possible civil actions

Walter Van Steenbrugge, a lawyer for thirty victims of sexual abuse by church people, said on Saturday that the statute of limitation on certain abuses did not prevent the conduct of litigation, including civil to obtain compensation.

"It constructs, piece by piece, stories of blatant human suffering, some of which are quite horrific." The cardinal "wishes once again to express his sincere sympathy to the victims and their families and the suffering imposed on them by people active in the Church, whose behavior is a persistent disgrace to the Church.

The Cardinal hopes that "the measures that have already been developed in recent years, both in terms of prevention and victim support (point of contact, pastoral guidelines, Commission), will be further refined. Cardinal Danneels said he was "confident that the bishops will take to heart the recommendations of the Adriaenssens Committee and will do everything necessary to help alleviate the suffering of the victims.

"This is the Dutroux case of the Church"

The publication of the damning report of the Committee Adriaenssens on pedophilia within the Church has been a bombshell on Friday. It contains hundreds of testimonies from victims of priests, nearly 500 gathered between January and June 2010. "This is the Dutroux case of the Church, " said Louvain Professor Adriaenssens during a news conference, comparing the expected impact of the report on Belgian society with the shock of the revelations of the crimes of the pedophile murderer Marc Dutroux in the mid-1990s.
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