Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cardinal denies cover-up even after leaking of the tapes

De Standaard Online - 'Kardinaal heeft écht nooit geprobeerd om zaak in doofpot te stoppen'

Even after the leaking of the tapes, Cardinal Danneels case denies he wanted to cover-up the Vangheluwe case. That he let us know yesterday through his spokesman, Toon Osaer. "The cardinal has never really tried to cover up the case."
At his press conference on April 24, the cardinal said that he "had mostly listened" to the victim. It now appears that he had suggested a couple of "solutions" ?

"You say that from the tape it is shown that he provided strong incentives to wait for the bishop's retirement for the story to come out to the bishop in order that there be no public scandal. The cardinal admits that he actually suggested this as a solution, but that was only in his role as mediator. "

"The family had asked him to mediate, and this he has done. It is to say, afterwards Archbishop Leonard showed that the family had expected, but that did not know Cardinal Danneels. He has tried to reach consensus which everyone felt comfortable with. He did not think the victim in the first place wanted the resignation of the bishop. "

The cardinal has also suggested "questions of forgiveness and reciprocity" as a solution for thirteen years abuse.

"Yes, but that is simply the pastoral approach to matters. You must not look for mischief behind this. "

Why did not the cardinal say earlier that in the conversation of April 8 he had done more than just listening?

"It is true that the cardinal at his press conference on April 24 did not say that he had suggested solutions, but he did not know that he was violating confidentiality during the interview. Besides, the interview with the family there was no consensus to say the least. "

"There are many more things than what you said quote, though. There was even a fight. The cardinal thought there would come a new conversation. But the victim has chosen a different path. "

Why has the Cardinal recommended no other solution than the two he suggested? To approach the Adriaenssens Committee, for example?

"He thought he still was not allowed to under the confidentiality of the talks and to ask for things to be settled internally. The cardinal never really pressed the victim not to go Adriaenssens commission or the courts. The essence is: the Cardinal has tried to mediate and now he is himself a victim. "

Did the Cardinal not know in the first place what to do to save the bishop and the Church a scandal?

"I cannot see into his head. He has in any event not told me that . Perhaps that unconsciously has played a role. "
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