Friday, July 09, 2010

A priest raped by a priest and abandoned by the Church

Un abbé violé par un prêtre et abandonné par l'Eglise

The daily Le Soir revealed the iconic story of a priest abused by a priest, then coldly abandoned by the Church. At one point, the diocese had even wanted to transfer him to the diocese where the abuser still currently works.

Fascinated by the Church, Father became an altar boy, begins Le Soir. For years, he was abused by a priest. At the time, his godmother wrote to Cardinal Danneels, but he had simply replied wih an acknowledgment, through his secretariat. A terse response to 14 pages écritex this lady after the drama had known his godson for years, says the daily.

They wanted him to be close to his abuser

The man, now aged about forty years, was abused between the age of 8 and 15. Moreover, the episcopal authorities have done everything to transfer the priest in the diocese where today the abuser works. Cardinal Danneels was aware, informed by the sponsor of the priest, but did not follow the case. All have turned a deaf ear, "says Le Soir.

On Wednesday afternoon in a sleeping bag

The priest's abuses were committed on Wednesday afternoon, when he organized trips to the pool for his children's choir, the newspaper said. Moreover, during the school holidays, he organized trips to a caravan site for a few days. During these trips, he took a double sleeping bag which he shared with a different child each night. According to the testimony, it is at this point that the touching took place, without any penetration or violence.

A breakthrough, maybe?

On Wednesday, the prosecuting authorities made contact with him and the case is now the subject of individual consideration by the courts. The priest abuser, aged 73, is still active in his province.

Cathcon comment- the case is covered by statute of limitation. If the Cardinal has taken this attitude in more recent cases, he is potentially in legally dangerous territory.

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