Thursday, July 08, 2010

Naked girl on Cardinal Danneel's laptop

7s7 Belgique - Une fillette nue dans l'ordi du cardinal Danneels

Cardinal Danneels has still not recovered his laptop computer two weeks after the raid in the Church. A photo of naked girl on his hard disk raises questions, we read in reports from Thursday's edition of the newspaper Het Nieuwsblad.

All the computers were seized during the search for the Archdiocese of Mechelen. All have since been returned except the computer and the laptop of Godfried Danneels. Justice officials want more time to study its contents.

Investigators discovered a photo of a girl, aged under ten years, squatting in a shower. They also found photos of scantily clad women.Specialists from the Federal Police are trying to find out when and how these photos were left on the computer. (Belga)

Response in the French speaking press

Why are the Flemish press relentlessly pursuing Cardinal Danneels? For three days, every Dutch language newspaper has been revealing  their "scoop" about the former primate of Belgium and other churchmen. This morning we read in Het Nieuwsblad that investigators have discovered in the computer of Cardinal Danneels the picture of a little girl, less than ten years and crouching in the shower, .The paper goes on to say that  pictures of scantily clad women have also been found, adding that experts from the Federal Police are trying to decide when and how these photos were left on the computer.  The information therefore remain unclear: the daily did not specify whether this was in an e-mail sent or received or in a file downloaded, transferred or deposited on the computer.

The lawyer for Cardinal Danneels is doing everything legally possible to put a stop to these leaks.

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