Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Ecumenical Working Group in support of Belgian Paedophilia

De Duivel in de Kerk | The Devil in the Church

In October 1984, Danneels received a letter from a concerned mother about the so-called Ecumenical Working Group on Paedophilia. The activities of this group were announced in the Bishop’s Conference journal, Church and Life on August 9, 1984. The Group, as stated the article, "will raise awareness in the churches of the phenomenon of paedophilia, share information and remove prejudices." It was planned as a meeting point for paedophiles " to exchange ideas with each other and to encourage each other. All are welcome who wish to better understand paedophilia and paedophiles under conditionsof more transparency, respect and trust. "

The mother, who turned to Danneels, had obtained "detailed documentation" which she reported to him as startling.

Some quotes:

If your (small) son or (little) daughter feels fine about relationship with a paedophile, please do not break up the relationship;

The reaction of the immediate society is often more damaging than the events themselves;

Many convinced Christians can still learn from paedophiles;

It is preferable that a trust relationship between the paedophile and the parents should be created.

But the Cardinal did not pay attention and gave them a free hand. Today, 26 years later, Danneels found that one of his own bishops, his best friend Roger Vangheluwe, at the time of publication of the article in Church and Life - and sadly many years later – was molesting his eleven year old nephew.

The journal Knack points out that the inspiration for this group came from the progressive left outside the Church and there is surely also a big story to be told how the left turned a blind eye to pedophilia in the 70s and 80s. But it is still inexcusable that the Church should have given shelter to such perversion
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