Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Does Cardinal Danneels really know nothing?

Cardinal Danneels denied all knowledge to the police yesterday of sexual abuse cases. They therefore called in Peter Adriaenssens,the chairman of the (now disolved) Commission dealing with sexual abuse and his predecessor Godelieve Halsberghe (who scrupulously kept all correspondence with the Cardinal and after threatening phone calls handed the documents to the national archive for protection) to confront him with certain realities. No-wonder Peter Adriaenssens said that he was in a state of shock. Of the 475 case files seized from his Commission, 50 involve Danneels in some way.

The Cardinal is more than likely to be questioned again this week. The likelihood that he will be charged is increasing with every passing hour.

On the Dutroux material including macabre photos of dead children seized from the Cardinal during the raid, there are three possibilities. The newspaper got it wrong- but no denial has been fcrthcoming. The material could have been planted or it was actually in his possession.

The raid on both the Cardinal and the Commission was to check the compatibility of their records. It now would appear to be possible that material relating to sexual abuse was destroyed but the Dutroux material retained. A strange world is being revealed.

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