Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sad farewell to St Patrick's


from the North West Evening Mail

A SMALL knot of people had gathered around the church font in the warmth of St Patrick’s.

Outside the weather had been horrible as rain had lashed down incessantly, only easing as the long forks of night had enveloped the community.

The font at St Pat’s may have been modified over the years but the symbol of a new beginning is still a main focal point in the church.

Some present had been baptised in St Pat’s, made their first Holy Communion and even married there. All had been faithful to the parish for many years.

Earlier this year it was announced St Pat’s, built in 1933, was going to close – the end of an era for a church that was once the very heart of the Barrow Island Catholic community.

Sadly there was little option – falling congregations and a shortage of priests has eventually led to its demise.

The parish was formed 123 years ago and early worshippers attended a tin-built church.