Thursday, October 01, 2009

Not for the first time in history, Catholic Gillibrand advised to stay in exile for own safety!

"Sir - Out of regard for his safety, I would counsel Christopher Gillibrand (Letters, July 19) to remain in Brussels for a while, for wives all over Britain will not take kindly to his view that they are 'a distraction'.

Throughout my 39 years as a priest in the Church of England, my wife has been a source of 'society, help and comfort' not only for me, but also for the countless people I have served. Indeed, while I retired from the parochial ministry last year, she still visits my former parishioners, because they have become her friends.

Explicit holiness doesn't come into it. Blinkers off, Mr Gillibrand: priests' wives have a caring and loving ministry of their own, which has nothing to do with the Church hierarchy."

At the name of Jesus!