Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Latest Swedish TV programme about Bishop Williamson

Video here.

24:12 English interview (brief!) with Father Paul Morgan who tells them to go away.

Incredible- the German Public Prosecutor gives them an interview.

Glorious Dominican Church now a library


The architects are proud of their handywork.

Letter from Father Lombardi, press spokeman to the Vatican, to Swedish TV

Dear Mr Fegan,
the only thing I can say is that I did not have any knowledge about your interview with Bishop Williamson before It was broadcasted. After that I was informed about it by journalists and Swedish colleagues of Vatican Radio.
Card. Castrillon said me no word about it before the interview was broadcasted.
I did not know that an information was sent about Williamson to the Vatican, and I do not know who has received it and red it. No one said me any word about it.
The Pope has said that he was not informed as he approuved the lifting of the excommunications. I am sure that the Pope tells the truth.
As I informed my Superiors about your interview with Williamson, I saw that the decision about the lifting of the excommunications was already done.
Therefore the only thing I could do, was to distinguish strongly between the sense and the intention of the decision of lifting the excommunication by the Pope, and the absolute inacceptability of the negationism of Williamson as his personal position which was not connected in any manner with the origin of the excommunication. This is what I have repeated many times in those sad days.
I hope that this answer is clear.
Thank you for your attention. Best regards.

Published on the Swedish TV website

Interview with Bishop Williamson no secret to Vatican ????

Uppdrag granskning reveals that the Vatican was, in fact, aware of the now world-famous interview with Holocaust denier Bishop Richard Williamson when the decision to lift the excommunication was made - despite prior statements to the contrary.

The interview with then-excommunicated Bishop Richard Williamson, a member of the Catholic traditionalist Society of St. Pius X (the SSPX), aired on Swedish TV in the investigative journalism program Uppdrag granskning in January 2009, sparked off the most serious crisis between Jews and Catholics seen in recent times.

In the interview, Bishop Williamson denied that the Holocaust had taken place. "I believe there were no gas chambers," is one of many statements on the subject.
Only three days later, the Pope's and the Vatican's decision to lift the 20-year-long excommunication of the bishop was announced, sending shock waves throughout the world.

Israel reacted by demanding that all diplomatic ties with the Vatican be severed, congressmen in the US sent letters of protest to the Pope, and ministers in several European countries openly criticized the Vatican's pardon.

The Vatican has maintained that they had no knowledge of the interview with Richard Williamson when the decision to lift the excommunication was made.

Uppdrag granskning is now able to reveal that the Vatican was, in fact, aware of Williamson's statements well before the decision was made, and that one of the Pope's closest associates, Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos had been informed.

The information was included in an internal report written by the Catholic Diocese of Stockholm, Sweden, as early as November 2008, not long after Uppdrag granskning had interviewed Williamson in Germany. The report includes remarks made by Richard Williamson expressing his view that the Holocaust never took place, and that statements to that effect are a criminal offense in Germany.

The Catholic Diocese of Stockholm asserts that this report was passed on to the Vatican's emissary in Stockholm. According to Bishop Anders Arborelius of the Swedish Catholic Church,
"He (the Papal representative) was very troubled and he attempted to send the report on to Rome."

The Papal representative has declined to be interviewed, but has confirmed that he immediately passed the report on. In addition to this, he also contacted a number of officials at the Vatican - including Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos, who, along with the Pope, has denied all knowledge of the TV interview.

For eight years, Cardinal Hoyos was the Pope?s closest associate in the negotiations with the SSPX. The cardinal is presently 8o years old and is now retired.

The Vatican continues to maintain that the Pope had no knowledge of the events. In an e-mail sent to Uppdrag granskning, Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi ensures us that he is: "certain the Pope is telling the truth."

Te Deum- the Pope is to visit England.

Spectacularly good news from The Times. 

St Anselm of Canterbury - Pope at the the General Audience

Bishop Williamson dragged into Berlusconi scandal

 in the ongoing dispute between Radio Vatican and Il Giornale.

"The case of Williamson again threatens to explode." says the Italian newspaper Il Giornale. " This Wednesday evening, Swedish television wants to again take up the dispute over the traditionalist Bishop Richard Williamson, who denies the Holocaust. Thus the TV journalists are planning to attack the Pope directly: Before he lifted the excommunication against Williamson, he knew quite contrary to his statements of Williamson's Holocaust denial.

The SVT said, according to Il Giornale, that the Bishop of Stockholm had informed the Papal Nuncio in good time about Williamson's scandalous remarks.

Also an important Curial Cardinal knew before the decision of the Pope to lift the excommunication that part of the picture was that Williamson denied the Holocaust.

The Swedish television had already recorded the crucial interview with Williamson, but only shortly before the decision published in the Vatican, and now the channel appears to attack Benedikt himself.

The newspaper "Il Giornale , who reports on the matter, moreove, belongs to the family of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and has in recent weeks by campaigning against a well-known Catholic journalist (" the Boffo case ") against the President of the Italian Parliament ("the Fini Case ") made comments of a rather inglorious nature.

In a letter to the bishops of 10 March Pope Benedict had made clear that he had learned of the denial of the Holocaust by Williamson after his decision to lift his excommunication.


And the Il Giornale article- mostly taken from Rorate Caeli.  Its all in the headline, "The Pope lied".

The civil war at the heart of Italian society. into which the Williamson affair has now been thrown.