Thursday, July 30, 2009

Investigations against Bishop Williamson falter

The progress of the proceedings against the Holocaust denier is currently unclear. Problems have arisen with a request to Sweden.

The investigations against the British Bishop Richard Williamson of the people are stalled.

The Chief Prosecutor in Regensburg, Günther Ruckdäschel has confirmed the reports on Bavarian Radio that there are problems with a request for legal assistance to Sweden. The bishop of the controversial SSPX denied the holocaust in an interview with a Swedish television station.

The Swedish authorities have now indicated that the TV journalist, not as by the German investigators wished, cannot be interviewed. Apparently, the status of the reporter in the Scandinavian country prevents interview as a witness.

"We cannot understand the law. For us there would be no problem to interview a journalist," said Ruckdäschel. The progress of the proceedings against Williamson is currently unclear. The Regensburg Prosecutor is awaiting further news on whether the European Judicial Network can still obtain the statement of the television man. "If nothing comes from Sweden, we must pause to consider how to proceed without this statement," said the chief investigator.

The 69-year-old Williamson in the SSPX’s Zaitzkofen seminary near Regensburg had argued against the murder of six million Jews in gas chambers and acknowledged only a smaller number of victims in the Nazi concentration camps. He has responded to the investigation via his lawyer. Williamson said that he had assumed that the interview would not be shown in Germany. In several other states, in contrast to the Federal Republic, denial of the Holocaust is not an offence.