Thursday, July 16, 2009

More fallibility and error in the Diocese of Linz


Following yesterday's report from Cathcon, the Upper Austrian Ecumenical Summer Academy, or the Witches' Sabbath as calls the show, entered its second day.

First speaker, Dr Franz Wuketits claims that God plays no role in evolution.

The second, Dr Pietschman then goes on that it is fully impossible that natural science can prove there is no God and likewise fully impossible that theology can show that there is.

St Thomas Aquinas would quarrel with both statements.

There is then a picture of the great observatory of the Monastery of Kremsmunster and the Abbot appears saying that today there is not such a great conflict- which contradicts the initial commentary of the programme.

The faces are in the monastery grounds and are works of modern art. The religious significance is next to nothing.

Le Corbusier has much to answer for


Not least this church, under threat in recent riots, which was inspired by the Cult of Mithras. 

Universal salvation is a heresy- pro multis does not mean for all


which is sadly proclaimed in Novus Ordo Masses in many countries where the words of institution over the chalice by Our Lord have been mistranslated as "for all" instead of "for many". This is a grave error as the words of the Bible have been changed. How can the fruits of the Mass be applied if everyone is saved.

Cathcon has now studied no less than seventy four "words of institution" in the many and venerable rites that at to be found in Eastern Christendom.

Here are the results

Primarily offered for:

You and many
41 times




No words

They who drink

Those who receive

Life eternal



Not specified

Why do Bishop's conferences carry on permitting this manifestly erroneous translation, which conforms neither to Scripture or Tradition?

Full background here.

Catholic university education disappearing in Bavaria

A report from Bild.

After a decision on fundamental principles from the government on the theological training, the Catholic Theology Faculty of the University of Passau will be now closed. The University Board has decided that the Faculty will be merged into the Philosophy Faculty on 1st October, according to a report from the university on Thursday. In future, now more theology diploma students will be taught, only religious studies teachers. The Regional Parliament has decided with the support of the Vatican that in Bavaria there will be only four instead of six Catholic theology faculties. The Bamberg Faculty will be the next to be laid to rest.

Cathcon: looking on the bright side of life- less employment opportunities for modernist "theologians"- but it will be a long way back to reconstruct Catholic theology when there are fewer and fewer faculties.

Telephone interview with future Auxilliary Bishop of Linz

Dr Felix Fromm (which means Dr Happily Pious)
Will celibacy now be finally abandoned in the Diocese of Linz?
Will women be ordained?
Should the laity preach at Mass?
Will there be a Corpus Christi procession with pitta bread ever again in Linz?
Will you conform to the Linz Way?

Which part of the word NO do the liberals of the Diocese of Linz not understand.

Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel