Friday, July 03, 2009

Punk Rock Catholic Easter at Chartres

A group called Carmenz.

And just this year in the Cathedral- at 6.45 in sit down, don't be drinking anything hot and breath deeply.

For contrast, Chartres bells sound and call us

Once saw a party of Americans having completed the great pilgrimage from Paris to Chartres drop to their knees outside the cathedral, singing Salve Regina and shouting God Bless France!

SSPX hit back at their critics. Are they the only ones defending the Pope in Germany?


CSD – Parade von 2008 vehöhnt Papst und Kirche!

At the last parade of the so-called "CSD" the Pope and the Church were mocked in a serious manner.
At the head of the parade was a woman dressed as a female Pope, who gloated and smirked mimicking the gesture of the Pope giving a blessing

On another of the vehicles, scantily glad women with angel wings on their backs put on a cross, and again in another vehicle showing the Holy Spirit shackled.
The whole show last year took place under the motto: "I believe" to to hurt godfearing people.

The following images were designed in serious way to denigrate the religious sentiments of devout Catholics.

Did not such displays injure the religious feelings of Catholics? We, as priests and faithful of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X. feel that the picture of the ridiculed Pope is the most painful religious slur?

Ecclesiastical bad taste

A sorry collection of pictures.

Grilling, drinking and smoking during scandalous Mass in Vienna

Country and Western Mass!

More commentary to come- deleted Catholic Church from the Creed and substituted Holy Christian church- all baptised are welcome to Communion. But this is the guy, Father Anton Faber who brought "art" to the Cathedral Museum showing the Passion as a sado-masochistic orgy.

Finished with Oh Happy Day, when Jesus Walked! Not when Father Faber is around!

There was a fuss about the same Mass last year- Father Faber criticised for misrepresenting what had occured!

The whole event takes place at the Danube Island Festival, "bread and circuses" organised by the Socialist Party.

SSPX subject of complaint to the police

Organisers of Christopher Street Day have now made a formal complaint to the German police.

Full story

Pink Hitler in Saturday's CSD in Berlin allegedly protiesting against Nazism. The unpleasant banner says "bend over skinhead". One only has to read about the homosexuals in the pre-war German Brown Shirts to realise that it is possible that one is dealing with a certain ambivalence here. Psychologically, there is a danger that if you hate so much, that one becomes the thing that one hates.

Top hat tip

Commemoration of All Holy Popes


By special grant in some places.

Pope Pius XII to be nominated "Righteous among the Gentiles"

Don't hold your breath for a positive response from Vad Yashem.

A miracle at the intercession of the Venerable Servant of God John Henry Newman

Announcement by the Vatican

True Princes of the Church


Cardinal Lehmann celebrates towards the East

But only because the principle altar of Mainz Cathedral has been put in the West.

Feast of Pope St Leo II

Catholic Culture : Liturgical Year

Pope Leo II was a Sicilian. He was learned in sacred and profane letters, as also in the Greek and Latin tongues, and was moreover an excellent musician. He rearranged and improved the music of the sacred hymns and psalms used in the Church. He approved the acts of the sixth General Council, which was held at Constantinople, under the presidency of the legates of the apostolic see, in the presence of the emperor Constantine, the patriarchs of Constantinople and Antioch, and one hundred and seventy bishops: Leo also translated these said acts into Latin.

It was in this Council that Cyrus, Sergius, and Pyrrhus were condemned for teaching that there is in Christ only one will and one operation. Leo broke the pride of the archbishops of Ravenna, who had puffed themselves up, under the power of the exarchs, to set at naught the power of the apostolic see. Wherefore, he decreed that the elections of the clergy of Ravenna should be worth nothing, until they had been confirmed by the authority of the Bishop of Rome.

He was a true father to the poor. Not by money only, but by his deeds, his labours, and his advice, he relieved the poverty and loneliness of widows and orphans. He was leading all to live holy and godly lives, not by mere preaching, but by his own life, when he died in the year 683, he had been Pope eleven months. He was buried in the church of Saint Peter.