Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Linz ought to be ashamed when even a small village in Germany celebrates Corpus Christi like this


Feast of St Aaron, First High Priest


Will Bishop Williamson be prosecuted?- update


The Prosecutor’s Office in Regensburg is still waiting for statements from two journalists of Swedish Television, said the Chief Prosecutor Guenther Ruckdäschel on Tuesday tp Bayerischer Rundfunk. Ruckdäschel said that so far there has been no response from Sweden to the letters containing their questions.

Williamson denied in an interview the true proportions the Holocaust and at the same time the existence of Nazi gas chambers. Also the British Bishop of the ultra-conservative SSPX claimed not six million Jews murdered by the Nazis, but between 200,000 and 300.000.

The Regensburg investigators now want to know from the TV journalist and cameraman whether Williamson actually had insisted that the interview should only be broadcast in Sweden. Williamson denies intentionally breaking German law.

His lawyer explained that Williamson believed that the interview given at the beginning of November in Zaitzkofen near Regensburg would be broadcast in Sweden. There is the denial of the Holocaust is not punishable. The Regensburg Prosecutor has been investigating Williamson of promoting racial hatred since January.

Feast of the Precious Blood


Retired Catholic bishop meets SSPX

Breakaway Catholic group to ordain 13 in Winona : Winona Daily News

Reached at the Winona seminary on Thursday, he said Friday’s ordinations are “absolutely not” intended as a challenge to Rome. He said the society has always considered itself part of the Catholic church, and that the planned ordinations are a normal part of the society’s life.

Fellay said he viewed the Vatican’s statement as a “mild” response to society members in Germany. He said he believes the Germans are indeed trying to provoke the Holy See, questioning why the Germans would try to impede reconciliation “particularly when the pope makes such a kind gesture to us.” Society officials there plan to ordain three priests and three bishops (Cathcon- now that would be news!) in southern Germany on June 27.

Hammes said that “as a general rule” the Winona diocese keeps a distance from the seminary, although retired Bishop Bernard Harrington met with officials there several times

New SSPX ordinations video