Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ecumenical Corpus Christi Procession in Erfurt

Preacher carrying Bible next to the Blessed Sacrament.

I was reminded of Dom Bede Jarrett's anecdote in his History of the English Dominicans.

King Henry II of England was "in worldly affairs imprudent, but in Spiritual affairs most devout." It is the pious side of the King's character that is of most interest. For example, he notes that daily the King heard three sung Masses (cum nota, i.e., chanted to plain song) and several low Masses. To him Saint Louis of France urged one day, when the two lay encamped in France, in half-scandalized banter, that it was also a good thing to hear sermons, which Henry apparently avoided. The Saint's rebuke was answered with " courtly humour," says the chronicler (with deep mystic insight we would further add):

"I would rather see my Friend than hear another speak ever so well of Him."

Alienated children- Diocese of Linz celebrates 30 years of youth Masses


Jesus was (not) grilled in Linz

Lupe, der Satire-Blog: Jesus wurde in Linz gegrillt

Cathcon cannot believe for one moment that the Eucharist at which the Donner Kebab bread was used was in any way valid.

St Maria Goretti and the English Madonna


And the most remarkable repentence ever known.

12 Million Rosaries! Crusaders now carry a weapon more effective than any sword!


NB Not an SSPX production but by someone who is closely associated.

Bishop of Linz on Corpus Christi Scandal

Statement published in Linz- Cathcon translation

The five Linz parishes of St. Mark, Christ the King, Urfahr City Parish, St. Leopold and the Linz City Parish together celebrated Corpus Christi this year on the square between the Ars Electronica Centre and Urfahr Parish Church. The form of the ceremony has triggered irritation.

For the Eucharist, the five Parishes used bread baked specifically according to relevant regulations. It was consecrated in Mass and distributed in communion. Some bread remained left over. Sisters thereupon brought this consecrated Bread to the surrounding parishes, so it could be used in the services. So they were used at two Masses in the Basilica on Pöstlingberg. The Parish Priest Joseph Pichler OSF also offered communicants the opportunity to receive the usual Hosts.

On an internet platform , the form of the celebration was criticized. The Linz parishes showed surprise at the criticism. The ceremony itself was conducted in a worthy manner with no criticism in the parishes.

Special forms need permission.
Diocesan Bishop Ludwig Schwarz now points to the regulation of Corpus Christi processions produced by the Austrian bishops in 1979. Catholic parishes testify in the Corpus Christi procession testify to their faith and devotion in the sacrament of the Eucharist and specifically in public. This should be “dignified and without compromising the required reverence”. Therefore, special forms of the procession or the Eucharistic adoration should be agreed with the Bishop. Celebrations should not cause offence. In specific cases, when such an agreement is not given, the Bishop cannot identify with the extraordinary form of worship followed.

"Even if some prayer groups know the use of Focaccia bread, this does not correspond to the tradition of our culture, especially not for the Eucharistic Adoration, "said Bishop Schwarz. The Adoration should therefore take place in the whole diocese in the usual way with the consecrated Host in the appropriate receptacle- the monstrance .

"It is very unfortunate and makes me suffer as a bishop, if a Celebration which should express intimate communion and the unity with the Lord and the church among themselves should be the occasion to give scandal to believers", Bishop Schwarz stated.

The difference between a dustbin and the Vatican

is not clear to the Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna

Vatican throws down gauntlet to SSPX

Reuters story

Almost Bishop Wagner

According to reports in Die Presse, Father Wagner is leaving open whether or not he will attend the Reconciliation Mass announced by Bishop Schwarz.

Priest of the Diocese of Linz


The one with the saw- this is not a stealth priestess picture!