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Month of the Sacred Heart


Linz Corpus Christi scandal condemned on KTV

Priest who leads German Catholic TV declares in no uncertain terms that it must never be allowed to happen again and that Masses have become community meals and with no belief in the Real Presence.

Flower pot and football Mass


The view from the terraces.

Austrian bishops summoned to Rome for crisis meeting

Austrian bishops on the way to crisis meeting in Rome

Cardinal Schönborn leads as chairman of the Bishops' Conference the delegation which wishes to clear away the misunderstandings with the Vatican regarding the "Problem Diocese” of Linz.

The top people in the Austrian Bishops' Conference are according to sources on their way to Rome. Meetings are planned for Monday and Tuesday with senior people in the Vatican from the Pope himself to the Prefects of several Congregations. Theme- the situation after the "freely taken" decision to withdraw of Father Wagner from taking up the office of Auxilliary Bishop.

The meeting comes just before the opening of the Austrian Bishops' Conference summer meeting in Mariazell.

Bishop Kapellari and, of course, the Bishop of Linz are in the party. The presence of the Nuntius in Rome is not ruled out.

Various representatives in the Vatican see recent events in the Diocese of Linz as public challenge to the authority of Pope and his right of episcopal appointment.

Click on tag Father Wagner to find out more about the background.

Archbishop Alois Kothgasser of Salzburg is also in the Rome party. I bet the Cardinal Archbishop won't now be complaining that the nomination of Fr Wagner was due to a "shortened process" being followed as he said at the time.

Linz Divine Trinity - Faceless Masks

An "artwork" in a recent exhibition of the Catholic Education Movement in Linz.
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Liturgical excellence in Ried, Austria


The chapel of the former Convent of the Oblates of St Francis de Sales (who left in 1994), now a music school. The chapel has its own "Catholic community" which they claim operates to the standards of liturgy demanded by Vatican II.   The chapel was "restored" in 1970 to enable these standards to met- and the organ placed where the Blessed Sacrament ought to be.

How normal Austrians celebrate Corpus Christi


Their neighbours in Munich have the right attitude

The Neocatechumenal Way a disruptive sect according to the Japanese Bishops

JCN - May 2008

A delegation of Japanese bishops returned in early April 2008 and discussed the matter a second time with congregation officials, who they sensed were somewhat supportive of the Neocatechumenal movement, Archbishop Okada recalled.

They then decided to speak again with Pope Benedict. Archbishop Okada, when he addressed the pope on behalf of the bishops on Dec. 15, had said:

"Another matter would be The Neocatechumenal Way (the Way) and the International Takamatsu Diocesan Seminary known as Redemptoris Mater. We have here a serious problem. In the small Catholic Church of Japan, the powerful sect-like activity of Way members is divisive and confrontational. It has caused sharp painful division and strife within the Church. We are struggling with all our strength to overcome the problem but feel that if a solution is to be found, the consideration of Your Holiness for the Church in Japan will be of the utmost importance and direly needed."

The Neocatechumenal Way, founded in Spain in 1964, today claims around 20,000 communities with 1 million members in 105 countries.

The Takamatsu seminary is one of the movement's 73 missionary seminaries worldwide, all called Redemptoris Mater and each under a diocesan bishop. The six in Asia are in Hong Kong, India, Japan, Pakistan, the Philippines and Taiwan.

Bishop Osamu Mizobe of Takamatsu has confirmed he also spoke about the problem in his diocese during his private ad limina audience with Pope Benedict.

That was in 2008, March 2009 and the Seminary is to be closed. Full statement

The previous local bishop thought nothing of libelling OPPONENTS of the seminary. and was successfully sued.

Corpus Christi in Linz-another giant leap towards leaving the Catholic Church

The Dean of Urfahr, Helmut Part at the Corpus Christi procession according to the Rite of Linz.

The Monstrance: an oversized pincer holding a focaccia bread.

What is wrong, to show the Lord of Creation in the shape of bread in this manner? One sees relaxed people standing in the background : They recognise Him no longer, they see only the bread. The Cherubim and Seraphim, Thrones and Powers, who, it is to be hoped, even in this place, accompany the celebration of the mystery recognize His glory and prostrate themselves before Him. The Church in it wisdom traditionally shows us, whose eyes are held, the Body of the Lord in the golden aureole, so we at least suspect, what we see.

The oh-so-enlightened modernists are not only deficient in their fear of God, they also have no sympathy with the people.

The scandal took place in front of the recently reopened Ars Electronica Centre, a high tech IT centre. They have a superb top floor bar and restaurant overlooking the Danube- they also serve foccacia bread!
There is a new artifical arena, created by the new development which was used. In the background, the Parish Church of Urfahr, dedicated I think to St Anne.
The Eucharist using a table as portrayed in Leonardo's Last Supper. Symbolism is correct for this particular Feast, except the modernists responsible for this outrage will believe that every Eucharist is a meal and no longer the Sacrifice identical with that on the Cross.
And look whose lurking in the background between the two priests! Josef Puhringer, the former religious studies teacher who is now Regional Prime Minister, one of the leading anti-Papal conspiritors against the appointment of Father Wagner as Bishop.

Bischof Ludwig Schwarz
Herrenstraße 19
A-4020 Linz
Fax: (+43 732) 772676-1163

Please be polite but he does have five parishes at least where a totally deficient theology of the Eucharist is taught- and I don't think it just those.