Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Openess to the world led to ruination and the grave

New film tells tragic story of Belgium's Singing Nun | World news |

As a Belgian newspaper had it this week, the sister responding to the call of the Second Vatican Council to be open to the world, felt the need to leave her convent.

One wonders how many more besides.

But look on the bright side, she showed "fully acceptance of the Council", as the German bishops are so fond of requiring.

The Dominicans closed the convent, it is now a den of Catholic charismatics in a world of their own, like the Singing Nun, whose brilliant hit will be eternally tainted by her memory.

Prefering swastika to the Cross


from Austrian Times – Swastika priest

Fr Tam who the articles refer to was already drummed out of the SSPX for a variety of offences before he was photographed giving Nazi salutes.

Told the guy in the picture is not a priest but a sacristan.