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Communists defeat Religion in Berlin

The results of the Pro Reli referendum by Berlin region.

Turnout followed by percentage yes, percentage of yes votes of the total of those eligible, percentage no, and spoilt papers.

Now compare these results with the map of Berlin

Now compare these results with the map of Berlin.

Lower turnouts in the East, all former Communist parts of East Berlin voting against and all of West Berlin voting for.

Two interpretations- either East Germans are rejecting what they see as another imposed ideology after they so enthusiastically embraced first Nazism and then Communism or all those years of atheistic indoctrination worked, "Religion is the opium of the People". But is it then democracy?

What a world we live in! There are now restaurants in West(!) Berlin where you can "relive the East German experience". Clearly the residents in the East have still not got over communism.

Hopefully nobody thinks Cathcon is a socialist

Because I am not!

"Protestant Bishop's Final Battle in Berlin"


As one German newspaper article describes the activities of the soon to retire leader of the German Protestants, Bishop Huber who I was once told was to be seen more often in a TV studo than a church.

As the article goes on to say

"Still there are five hours until the polling stations close. In the evening, the bishop wants to go to the election party for Pro Reli in the Catholic Academy. In the afternoon, it looks quite obvious, that it would be more of a funeral than a party."

Archbishop regrets defeat of religion

News-Ticker -

Zollitsch regrets defeat for "Pro Reli"

The chairman of the German Catholic Bishops Conference, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch has regreted the defeat of the Berlin Initiative "Pro Reli". He appealed to the Senate to seek a religious-ideological model of education which seeks "to take the freedom of religion more into account and a broad consensus in society ." This should be done in conjunction with "Pro Reli, the churches and the Jewish community and the Muslim associations . But never before had faith and religion been so explicitly present in the streets and in the debates in the public square, as in the past few months, said Zollitsch.

Religion in schools takes a beating in Berlin referendum

Klares Votum bei Volksentscheid : Berliner erteilen 'Pro Reli' Abfuhr - Politik - STERN.DE

Angela Merkel, Günther Jauch, Arne Friedrich: Plenty of celebrities supporting the initiative "Pro Reli", sought to introduce a relgion as a religion elective course in Berlin's schools. It did not work: The Berliner did not let themselves be impressed by celebrities.

In Berlin, religion is still not a regular school subject. The referendum has clearly failed. The majority of voters affirmed this after counting of more than 95 percent of those polling on the initiative "Pro Reli" according to the returning officer. So in Berlin in the future the students will go to ethics courses introduced three years ago. The classic religious education remains a complementary subject.

With an estimated turnout of 28.2 percent, nearly 710,000 cast their votes in Berlin. With counting completed of 95 percent of the vote 51.3 percent of the participating Berliners said "no" and only 48.5 percent "yes". That was for the initiative "Pro Reli" significantly less support than expected.

For a success of the initiative not only the majority of the participants should have voted for it, but also 25 percent of all voters. That would have been 611,422 voters. Indeed, they only achieved about 14 percent of the votes. (Cathcon- 33 percent pay church tax- where were they all?)

Initiator Christoph Lehmann admitted the defeat: "We clearly have not achieved the quorum." For Berlin's Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit (SPD)(Cathcon-Berlin’s openly gay and socialist mayor) after the vote on Tempelhof Airport, a year ago, this was the second political success in a referendum.

The citizens' initiative Pro Reli had ensured the referendum take place with a petition. The Berlin Senate governed by Socialists and former Communists in alliance (Red Red!) in 2006 had decided that in the classes of years seven to ten classes of common ethics would be compulsory for all pupils. The government argues that, given the cultural diversity of the metropolis, there should be a common ethical foundation. Religion can also voluntarily studied as a complementary subject. The churches complained, however, because of the already high number of hours expected of the student that this was unrealistic. "Pro Reli" had won many prominent supporters, including Chancellor Angela Merkel and presenter Günther Jauch.

Cathcon: as I once told the Anglican Archdeacon of Merioneth, studies of comparative religion makes one comparitively religious, to which he replied "Christopher, you ring as true as a bell". The Communists and assorted other socialist miscreants do not Berlin to become even comparitively religious.

One also has to remember the decades long irreligion in the Eastern part of the city.
But ask the wrong question and you get the wrong answer.

Religion in schools takes a beating in Berlin referendum

More soon. Ask the wrong question, get the wrong answer.

Berlin referendum on religion in schools

Volksentscheid Pro Reli - Beteiligung ist in Steglitz-Zehlendorf am höchsten - Berlin - Berliner Morgenpost

22.6 percent voted by 16.00. Polls closing this very minute. Results expected 20.30 ish.

Pro Reli (the pro-campaign supported by the Catholic Church) needs a majority and at minimum 25 percent of the eligible voters. Just to clarify the rules of the game.

Things looking bad for religion in Berlin.

Where have all the Catholics gone?

Volkentscheid - Berliner beteiligen sich nur zögerlich an Pro Reli - Berlin - Berliner Morgenpost

Catastrophically low turnout in Berlin referendum on wheher to introduce religious instruction in schools, alongside the already existing requirement for ethics. Note however it will be an agreed syllabus and not specifically Catholic. It includes learning about world religions. It has been enthusiastically supported by the Church.

To be successful the initiative "Pro Reli" needs the participation of 1/4 of the more than 2.4 million eligible voters that is 611.422. The turnout was lower at lunchtime than an earlier unsuccessful referendum about the airport.

Results later on Cathcon! Polls close at 18.00 - results shortly afterwards.

Are Islamic terrorists planning an attack on the Pope?

kathweb Nachrichten .:. Katholische Presseagentur Österreich

The Israeli secret service does not want Pope Benedict XVI during his trip to the Holy Land to travel in the open "Papa Mobile" through Nazareth. There were indications of an attack planned by Islamist groups, "Haaretz" stated on Sunday.

A delegation from the Vatican have told the Israeli authorities that the Pope thinks direct contact with the people in Nazareth us desirable. "Haaretz" reported with reference to secret service sources, that Islamists in northern Israel had been distributed pamphlets calling for a "disturbance" of the Pope's visit and an attempt on his life. The planned visit to Nazareth on 14 May falls on the same day as the commemoration day of the Palestinians of the formation of the State of Israel. Therefore, there will be unrest in Arab villages. This prepares the security authorities for further trouble.

Moreover, renovation and construction of the planned stops of the Pope's visit have not yet been completed. The biggest problem was a cattle pen which has not been cleared at the site where Benedict XVI will hold the largest Mass during his Holy Land trip. According to "Haaretz", there are still disputes over the number of the believers expected to attend each Mass. While the Ministry of Tourism speaks of 10,000 participants, the Mayor of Nazareth is hoping for 40,000 pilgrims. In the Latin Patriarchate, 30,000 participants have been mentioned.

The pope will travel in early May to the Holy Land. The visit will last from 8 to 15 May, firstly going to Jordan and then to Israel and the West Bank

Fireworks when SSPX Seminarians from Zaitskofen come to Brussels

But only after Mass!

St Michael, Patron Saint of Brussels

Full Church filmed for a documentary on Belgian TV May 20th

In the sanctuary

At the CreedLast GospelPrayers for the King
Recession under the patronage of St Francis, who rebuilt the Church

Tierce chanted shortly before lunch

SSPX surveying the field