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What does ecumenism mean then?


from KATH.NET - Katholischer Nachrichtendienst

“Astonishing” for ecumenism

The Diocese of Fulda is "disappointed" about an interview of the Protestant Bishop Martin Hein on current defection of Catholics to the Protestant church.

The Diocese of Fulda has expressed its regret over an interview by Martin Hein, Bishop of the Evangelical Church of Kurhessen-Waldeck. "It hurts the diocese of Fulda, when Catholics turn their backs on the Church. In this context, the Protestant Bishop Martin Hein stated in an interview that Catholics critical of the Pope associate themselves today more with the Protestant Church, rather than just leaving the Catholic Church.

The reader gets the impression that Bishop Hein is not without a certain amount of satisfaction said, as he pointed out that the Catholic Church on Joseph Ratzinger's election had surfed on a "wave of media interest".

This adds Bishop Hein is a fundamental criticism of the papacy from a Protestant church. These statements are astonishing and disappointing for all those who take ecumenism to their heart, deplored Diocesan spokesman Christof Ohnesorge (Cathcon- his name literally without worries or without concerns!)

"Pope must apologise before Middle East trip"

net-tribune: Jordanische Muslimbruderschaft fordert von Papst Entschuldigung

Jordan's influential Muslim Brotherhood has demanded from Pope Benedict XVI before his planned trip through the Middle East, an apology for his controversial statements about Islam . Before the Pope comes to Jordan, he needs to resolve these tensions with an unequivocal apology , said the spokesman for the organization of Muslim hard-liners, Dschamil Abu Bakr.

Benedict in September 2006 in Regensburg cited a medieval work in which some teachings of the Islamic prophet Mohammed were described as "evil and inhuman" The controversial statements led to worldwide protests. The Pope later expressed his regret and distanced himself from the controversial passages. Benedict is in the Middle East, from 8 to 15 May . Amman is his first stop.

500 years ago today an immoral monster became King of England


Bishop Williamson investigation could still take months

Ermittlungen gegen Bischof Williamson dauern an - München -

An end of the investigation of the British Bishop Richard Williamson due to alleged racial hatred is not in sight. Williamson denied the Holocaust in an interview with a Swedish television station . According to the Local Public Prosecution on Tuesday, a mutual assistance request is being made to Sweden to interview the responsible journalist. The TV reporter recorded the interview at the seminary of the controversial SSPX in Regensburg . When the investigators will receive an answer from Sweden, is still completely unclear. This could still take months, said Chief Prosecutor

Cathcon comment
There is an election due in Germany in September.

The Bavarians don't want to embarass the Pope and the attacks on the Pope not least from Angela Merkel, generated by the Williamson affair have been a source of tension in Germany's coaltion which includes the Bavarian CSU and the CDU from the rest of Germany. The socialists don't care except that they will all think a prosecution will be brought. The Bavarians would like to drop the case, but not at the expense of breaking away from their coalition partners.

However, if it looks as if the CDU and the FDP (the Liberals) are going to form a government there is no political gain out of a prosecution, so it will be quietly dropped. The Bavarian Justice Minister will claim that prosecutions are not decided politically- in this case, she can dream on.

Website for visit of Pope to the Holy Land

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Feast of St Anselm (on right)


Almost Bishop Wagner speaks out

Reactions – Menschlich sehr eigenartig

Humanely very peculiar

Mons. Gerhard Wagner of Linz has talked in public about his defenestration. The perpetrators were a crowd of cunning and cowardly paleo-liberals, slanderers and breakers of the oath of celibacy. The paleo-liberal Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn hopes that the Auxiliary Bishop of Linz appointed in January, Mons. Gerhard Wagner, would be silent in public.

The Austrian magazine 'profile' reported on 20 April.

But that would not be the way of Mons. Wagner - commented the magazine and goes further:

"He sits in his office at the rectory, avoiding no question, and says what he is thinks about the real circumstances in which he - who the Pope had already appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Linz - was forced to resign."

"Homosexuality is not normal"

The allegedly "great influence" of the Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schönborn on the Pope was not the reason - denied Mons. Wagner, to the tabloid newspaper 'Krone'.

Mons. Wagner has maintained his criticism of the controversial novel "Harry Potter".

Also, he says that homosexuality needs healing: “Homosexuality is not normal."

And: "Healing is a positive term."

Catholic is forbidden

Mons. Wagner even attacked the murderous abortion laws and criticized the “fabric softening” Austrian Bishops:

"I say that today in the church one may no longer say what is Catholic. Have the bishops already greatly conformed to politics as well? "- he asks rhetorically.

In addition, Mons. Wagner knows that there is a connection between spiritual pollution - such as gay perversion - and natural events.

Mons. Wagner does not believe in the cuddly God propagated by the faithless clergy: "I put all my money for it, when anyone promotes the biblical position, where the speech of God is love."

The loving God who does everything the people want, "because he is so popular, does not exist" - stresses of Mons. Wagner.

There is the God of love - but He also shows us the means of punishment. "

Shot down from crevices in the Church

Against his appointment as Bishop was there an "organized resistance", which – he gives as analysis the Linzer deans joined.

The reason was a dispute about Catholic direction: "Since I am a priest, I do not go along with the Linz Way."

The expression "Linz Way" refers to the decades-long reconstruction of the Diocese of Linz by a collection of paleo-liveral, anticlerical diocesan bureaucrats.

This path is not Catholic and divides the Church - Mons. Wagner said: "That's why I was shot down."

Bishops without a backbone

Even the bishops "collapsed" - mainly Bishop Ludwig Schwarz of Linz:

"He confirmed to me many times that he is pleased about my appointment. But when it came to implementing it, he felt quickly hounded, and he has nobody to help him."

"When you sit so isolated in the bishop’s residence and it becomes difficult to implement things, you get fear of doing anything."

The bishop was afraid of public opinion and of the pithy statements of his newly appointed auxiliary Bishop - betrays Mons. Wagner.

Paleo-liberals shrink from dialogue

His enemies were working out of the ambush.

Nobody had dared to speak with him: "neither the chapter nor the dean, nor anyone else sought an interview with me before the resignation."

He spoke with Cardinal Schönborn on the phone a few days before the appointment. The cardinal congratulated him and welcomed him to the Bishops' Conference.

But even that was apparently a ruse: "A few days later he convened the special meeting by the bishops - because he already knew what should occur." - recalls Msgr. Wagner:

"He had called my bishop and said, you should resolve matters quickly, so that the session can run smoothly."

Cardinal’s intrigues

To Mons. Wagner, Cardinal Schönborn only spoke into the air: "Even up until now, he has not been in contact." (Cathcon- no surprise- he sacked his (I think) vicar general with a note under the door)

Mons. Wagner found this "humanely very peculiar."

"But he also probably has the fear, tha as Cardinal he will be damaged" - presumed Mons. Wagner.

Was there really no escape?

Mons. Wagner knows that no one "really" could force him to resign.

But at a certain point, he noticed "that a constructive working will not be possible and there is no way out."

Paleo-liberal Lies

The trigger: Mons. Wagner's malevolent enemies planned three days before his episcopal consecration to spread the lie that he had paid for a pregnant unmarried mother to have an abortion.

Mons. Wagner's comment: "Because I knew then that the lies were going to go further. That I no longer wanted. "

The Linz cathedral chapter was sent an anonymous note t: "It was a very interesting rumour."

The bishop had "terrible fear" that this could be made public.

His career as a Bishop Mons. Wagner does not mourn: "I am satisfied in my heart, and I prefer the people in my parish to the anonymous cathedral."

One reason for his assasination had probably been about money: "In the church there is always concern about money. The talk was of a wave of resignations. "