Saturday, April 04, 2009

One of the most glorious moments on TV


Thanks to the discoverer and propagator!

God laughs when we say that He is dead.

(Un) believable in Linz

Linz is already well-known as the Diocese that sought unity without the Mass. Here are pictures from an event called "glaubenswert" (Believable- literally worthy of belief) in parishes of the Linz South deanery. It is not a Mass either but a stealth priestess gets a walk on part- The priest was robed and doubtless many of those sitting at the tables thought it had the same worth as a Mass. Dinner was served on these tables immediately following the service!

What new religion is this?

Belgian Bishops defend Pope

from ZENIT

Belgium's bishops lament a government proposal to protest Benedict XVI's comment that condoms are not the solution to fighting AIDS, saying the lawmakers didn't take into account the Pope's overall message.The Belgian Parliament passed a proposal today that asked the government to condemn the Pope's "unacceptable" comments, and to "officially protest before the Holy See."The Holy Father said in a press conference aboard the papal plane en route to Cameroon this month that "the problem [of AIDs] cannot be overcome by the distribution of prophylactics: On the contrary, they increase it."The bishops' conference of Belgium affirmed in a note today that they "respect the democratic character of this decision, but lament its content."The episcopate said the resolution didn't take into account Benedict XVI's overall message, which was that "without an education in responsible education, all other methods of prevention will fall short."

Secular lawmakers thinking themselves above the Pope in matters of morals.