Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Round the clock condom advertising in the UK

Condoms to be advertised round-the-clock on TV - Times Online:

Condoms are to be advertised round-the-clock on TV under proposals to be published tomorrow.

In a bid to cut the teenage pregnancy rate, the highest in Europe, the Advertising Standards Authority wants to relax rules on condom advertisements on television.

The 9pm watershed is to be abolished, with condom advertisements to be shown throughout the day except around programmes aimed at children under 10.

What a disaster for the moral life of the nation- lets wait for the deafening silence from the Church of England.

Vatican document planned about the internet

kathweb Nachrichten .:. Katholische Presseagentur Österreich

The Vatican is planning a new Pastoral instruction about the media sector. A policy paper which will presumably be ready for publication in October will explain the attitude of the church to "the new digital culture", said the President of the Pontifical Media Council, Archbishop Claudio Celli, in conversation on Wednesday with the Italian Catholic news agency SIR. In essence, it will update the most recent media-instruction "Aetatis novae" of 1992. "Aetatis novae" comes from a time "when the Internet did not exist", so the "digital culture" was not yet taken into account, said Celli.

The President of the Media Council stressed that the Catholic doctrine to new media must be to meet the different cultural context, in which Christians live. He referred also to the call of Pope Benedict XVI. Even people in poor countries should share in the development of media technology and its opportunities.

Celli also announced a media seminar for young people in Africa. The media event planned for the end of April in Kenya's capital Nairobi by the Pontifical Council will deal with new media as a means of peace and reconciliation. Around 100 participants from various regions of conflict on the continent are invited, said Celli.

In their very own Dioceses

German Justice Failures: Paving the Way for a Muslim Parallel Society - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International- from 2007

And the German Bishops Conference remains silent. The German Bishops were under extreme pressure in Nazi times- unlike today.

Life is beautiful


But what can the Pope be thinking of?

On his return to Rome on a beautiful sunny afternoon, the Pope reportedly told a journalist: "It is beautiful today!"

These remarks immediately raised an immense wave of anger around the world and fuelled a controversy that continues to grow.

Some reactions:
The Mayor of Bordeaux: "Even as the Pope spoke these words, it was raining cats and dogs on Bordeaux! This claim, which is close to being in a state of denial (Cathcon- the French word négationnisme is used for holocaust denial) shows that the Pope lives in a state of total autism. It has definitely finished forever, even if it was still necessary, the dogma of papal infallibility! The holder of the Chair of Astronomy at the Collège de France: "In affirming without nuance and without objective evidence that it is beautiful today," the Pope reflects the well-known contempt of the Church for science which is constantly fighting against her dogmas. What could be more subjective and more relative than this notion of beautiful? On what indisputable experiments is it based? Meteorologists and specialists failed to agree on this matter at the last International Conference in Caracas. And Benedict XVI, ex cathedra, decides the matter. What arrogance! Will they soon be lighting the pyres for all those who do not accept without reservation this new decree?

The Association of Victims of Global Warming: "How can we not see in this provocative statement an insult to all victims past, present and future of the vagaries of climate, floods, tsunamis, drought? Ths acquiescence to the contemporary situation clearly shows the complicity of the Church with these phenomena which are destructive of humanity and it can only encourage those involved in global warming that they can now hide behind the backing from the Vatican.

The Representative Council of Black Associations: "The Pope seems to forget that while it's sunny in Rome, a part of the planet is plunged into darkness. This is a sign of disrespect towards the civil rights movement

The Council of True Muslim Believers: How can the Pope describe life describe any day as beautiful while Israel continues to occupy Palestine?

The Luvvis Feminist Association-: "Why it he not her that is beautiful (Cathcon- in French Il fait beau)? The Pope is once again attacking the legitimate cause of women and shows his commitment to the most reactionary principles. In 2009, “he” is still there, it's pathetic! "

The League of Human Rights: "This type of statement can only hurt deeply all those who have a different view of reality from that of the Pope. We think in particular of those hospitalised, imprisoned whose horizon is limited to four walls and also to all victims of rare diseases that can not perceive by their senses the state of the atmosphere. This is certainly a desire to discriminate between the beautiful, as it should be perceived by all and those who feel things differently. We will immediately attack the Pope in the courts."

In Rome, some members of the Curia have tried to mitigate the words of the pope, citing his advanced age and the fact that he could be misunderstood, but they have not met with success so far.

Please pray for the donor of this piece translated from the French with one para added from Cathcon.

Some more from Cathcon.

And the German bishops concluded although there is nothing in Vatican II that states the sun shines on the Pope, it is the New Springtime, so the sun must be shining.

The Jesuits remembering that St Ignatius had told them that they ought always to hold that the white which is seen, is black, if the church decides, asked the Pope had the sun in actual fact gone behind the clouds.

The Dominican was still thinking about whether the sun was out when a big cloud appeared on the horizon.

The Francisan welcomed his brother, the sun who remains his brother whatever the weather.

90 percent against celibacy in once-Catholic Austria

90 Prozent der Österreicher sind gegen Zölibat

90 percent of Austrians are against celibacy. That is the result of a survey conducted in mid-March by the Linz Opinion Research Institute market. Women are more for the abolition of celibacy than men.

market telephone canvassed 1000 chosen representatives of the total population over 16 years old. 68 percent of respondents said that they totally agreed with the proposition that the Catholic Church should allow priests to have a relationship, 22 percent felt "somewhat ready" to agree Together that makes 90 percent who oppose celibacy. A total of five per cent were for celibacy to remain. About five per cent made no response. Women were 92 percent against celibacy, males 88 percent. Also from Catholics, 90 percent were for abolition. 72 percent "strongly" agree that parish priests should be allowed to marry.

A further 18 percent are rather in favuor. Both values showed a 90 percent approval of married priests. Overall, 89 percent also are in agreement that the parish priest pastor can have children with their partner.
Cathcon- 99 percent voted in a 1938 plebiscite for union with Germany. It did not however make that right either.

Archbishop of Paris on Williamson Affair

kathweb Nachrichten .:. Katholische Presseagentur Österreich

The "Causa Williamson" which emerged In the course of lifting the excommunication of the four SSPX bishops has caused "great suffering" - and "not only among our Jewish brethren, but also with many Catholics" said the Paris archbishop, Cardinal Andre Vingt - Trois, at the opening of a French Holocaust exhibition at the New York Museum of Jewish Heritage (MJH). Bishops from various countries attended the opening.

To be a Catholic Christian, "is radically inconsistent with the denial of the Holocaust," said Vingt-Trois. It was shocking for Richard Williamson to abuse his authority as a bishop " to
spread a historical lie."

Vingt-Trois and the head of the French Christian-Jewish reconciliation Foundation Yahad - In Unum, Abbe Patrick Desbois, in MJH opened the exhibition on the exploration of the Holocaust in Ukraine, the so-called "Holocaust using bullets. " Desbois undertook pioneering work in this area when he and his trained team located more than 800 mass graves of Jewish people in the Ukraine of people the Germans had murdered between 1941 and 1944. Cardinal Vingt-Trois is the president of "Yahad - In Unum" which Abbe Desbois founded in 2004. For his actions, Desbois was awared the Jan Karski Award in 2007 by the American Jewish Committee.

The task of "Yahad - In Unum" is to better document the mass murder of the Jewish population in the Ukraine and Belarus from 1941 to 1944. Ukrainian witnesses will asked about each case of mass shootings and located mass graves, of which by Desbois' own rating there are at least 1200 in the Ukraine.

SSPX attacks democracy- chairman of the German Bishops' Conference

The chairman of the German Bishops' Conference, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch, accused the SSPX of attacking and reducing "our understanding of democracy". At the same time on Wednesday in Berlin, he reiterated the call for the traditionalists to return to the Church and recognise the statements of the Second Vatican Council (1962-65) (Cathcon- suggest he reads the Pope's statement which puts the context of the acceptance of Vatican II in the wider context of accepting the other councils.)

Zollitsch underlined in a presentation to the Cardinal Höffner-circle of the Union Group in the German Parliament that there is no going back on the Vatican's view on the relationship between church and state. "The idea of a Catholic state for us is outdated," said the archbishop, with a view to the attitude of the SSPX. The conciliar documents on the Church in the Modern World, on religious freedom and relations with non-Christian religions as well as on the Church were "unrelinquishable elements of Catholic tradition." The traditionalists have placed themselves outside this Catholic tradition and revoked unity with the Pope.
(Cathcon- this ludicrous claim was already in the statement that was put out after their recent meeting- also clearly an attempt by modification to justify the claim greated with gales of laughter by anyone who understands theology. The Archbishop clearly needs to take a quick course on the teaching of St Thomas Aquinas on government).

Zollitsch recalled that he had during his interview with Pope Benedict XVI. two weeks ago in Rome could convey this attitude of the German Bishops' in a good atmosphere. On Tuesday, the SSPX attacked the Episcopal Conference frontally and said they were "particularly disgusted" by their actions. The behaviour of the bishops against the SSPX was the expression of a relentless hostility, said the Superior General (Bishop!) Bernard Fellay in a statement published on the internet.
Same source as below but separated for clarity. No less than four audios of the speaker of the German Bishops' Conference- he clearly needs a holiday. He accuses the SSPX of wanting to set up a "Cosy Church". Nothing quite so cosy as a Bishops' Conference becoming a law unto itself. They are dealing with their own problems with these attacks on the SSPX not with the issues of the hour.

SSPX and German Bishops exchange blows

Tischtuch zerrissen? - Starter -

Torn tablecloth?
Battle between SSPX and German bishops
The traditionalist SSPX has frontally attacked the German Bishops' Conference. "We are particularly disgusted by the attitude of the German Episcopacy, which has not ceased to show uncharitable hostility and with its continious imputations, treating us with 'hatred, without fear or reserve'," reads a statement published on the Internet by the Superior General Bernard Fellay of Tuesday. Some episcopal conferences have been using the controversy surrounding the SSPX to lead "open rebellion" against the Pope. The German Bishops' Conference rejected the accusations.

The Superior General with his statement had shown his real attitude said spokesman Matthias Kopp said on Tuesday in Bonn. This was "marked by an unfortunate one-sidedness". The Regensburg Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Mueller asked the SSPX to undertake self-criticism. He described Fellay’s communiqué as "attempting to drive a wedge between thePope and the German bishops." In this "however they will not succeed," said Muller to the Catholic News Agency (KNA) in Regensburg.

Ordinations now in Switzerland
The occasion for Fellay’s declaration is the relocation of SSPX subdiaconal ordinations originally planned in Bavaria. The Rector stated that the ordinations planned for Saturday of sub-deacons in Zaitzkofen will be moved to the motherhouse of Econe in the Swiss Valais. The SSPX understand this as a "a peacemaking gesture." The change of location corresponds to the wish of Rome. A cancellation was not considered at any stage. All other ordinations, including those of priests planned for the end of June were unaffected.

The latest SSPX statements were met with indignation by the German Bishops' Conference. Their spokesman Kopp refused to tolerate the statement that the bishops are in open rebellion against the Pope. Bishop Muller said that all the German bishops were appointed by the Pope and were in full communion with him. The SSPX bishops, however, had been illegally consecrated, and therefore should be "clearly be restrained in their remarks." He urged the

SSPX to consider "how their conduct has harmed the Pope and the Catholic Church."
Mueller called again on the SSPX, "to renounce ordinations until its ecclesiological status is clarified." At the same time, the Regensburg bishop did not rate as too important the subdiaconal ordinations. This was not yet a sacramental action. Crucial is whether at the end of June the planned ordinations to the priesthood proceed.

The question whether the SSPX plan the ordinations is of great importance within the Church. The Regens of the SSPX seminary had initially declared that the ordinations to be part of the normal life of the seminary. Also, the Vatican in no way requires suspension of its activities or to refrain from ordinations.

The Bishop of Sitten, Norbert Brunner in whose Diocese Econe lies, said through the Swiss Bishops' Conference that regarding the SSPX ordinations nothing had changed with the lifting of the excommunications of the four bishops. The dispensing of sacraments was further unlawful. The SSPX must wait for clarification of their status by the Catholic Church before further ordinations, said Brunner.

Work of the devil in Lourdes

Frau in Lourdes erschlug im Wahn ihre Mutter mit Kruzifix |

In the southern French pilgrimage of Lourdes has a woman has slain her mother with a crucifix in a fit of madness. "I had visions in a dream, I've seen that I am the devil and personification of wickedness," said the young woman to the police.

The daughter attacked her 81-year-old mother in the night on Monday with a bedside lamp, then with a bed slat and, finally, with the cross. According to Prosecutor, the deed was in a fit of madness.

After she herself had called the ambulance, the ambulance team had found the daughter covered with blood at the bedside of her mother, said the report. The two devout women lived in a small apartment on the church square of the city and regularly claimed food aid.

The Passion of the Church of the Madelaine in Paris

One of a series of images on display around the altar area.