Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stolen Churches to be used as post offices

Churches should be used as post offices to benefit community, says Government - Telegraph:

"A guide published by the Government and the Church of England tells clergy how they can navigate the maze of public funding, and so obtain grants to make better use of their buildings.

It claims that this not only helps local people but ensures that historic churches, many of which need repairs, will be preserved for the future."

Cathcon- don't mind however if they optimise the revenue from the church hall.

SSPX Press Release on Subdiaconate Ordinations

from Ulster Taig

At the request of the Holy See, we have decided to move the ordinations to the sub-diaconate that were to take place at Zaitzkofen, this Saturday, 28th March. They will take place in Ecône Seminary, on the same date.

This decision is intended to be a gesture of assuagement after the lifting of the unjust excommunications which were imposed on the Fraternity's bishops and the violent reactions which followed. In fact, we regret that certain Episcopacies have used it to lead an open rebellion against the Sovereign Pontiff. We are particularly disgusted by the attitude of the German Episcopacy, which has not ceased to show uncharitable hostility and its continious imputations, treating us with 'hatred, without fear or reserve' as the Holy Father rightly noted in his letter on the 10th March.

Cathcon- amazingly direct- telling like it is.

We know that our situation, in regard to the law of the Church, is imperfect. This is not new and is intimately connected to the crisis which crosses the Church and the state of necessity which arises. It therefore serves no purpose to invoke the right to strangle the life of our priestly society. The ordinations will go ahead, as planned; there has never been a question of supressing them. The benevolent act of the Holy See cannot be seen as a wish to choke the FSSPX.

We are keeping to the time framework indicated by the decree of 21st January which foresees 'necessary discussions' on the subject of the Second Vatican Council and its novelties. We reiterate to the Holy Father the assurance of prayer that out of these doctrinal discussions will emerge the light of Truth in its entirety.
Cathcon- absolutely essential not just to resolve the SSPX issue but for the good of the Catholic Church for generations to come .

Menzingen, 24th March 2009,

+ Bernard Fellay

Buddhist group buys two closed Catholic churches

from The Buffalo News

A Buddhist group with locations across the United States and Canada has purchased two former Catholic churches in the Lovejoy section of Buffalo.

The International Sangha Bhiksu Buddhist Association paid $250,000 for the former St. Agnes Church and its accompanying buildings and $110,000 for the former Visitation Church, according filings with the Erie County clerk’s office.

The sale, in the works for months, was finalized Monday.

“I don’t know much about the group,” said Buffalo attorney Mark Peszko, who handled the closing for the buyers. “All I know is they’re going to use it for Buddhist meditation purposes.”

And from their website

The practice at this temple is an untypical mix of Chinese Zen, or Chan, and Pure Land.

"There is also a unique Vietnamese form of Buddhism which evolved in the southern provinces, and is a successful combination of Theravada and Mahayana. While much of the philosophy is Mahayana, the Sangha (monks and nuns) follow the Vinaya rules (code of ethics) quite strictly, and go on the traditional alms round every day. As for example, the Venerable Minh Dang Quang (see picture below) who was the founder of the Vietamese indigenous Buddhist order."

We are not associated with Cloud Water Zendo but this is a good explanation about this combination practice.

So there. Catholicism, it is not.