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40th Anniversary of Humanae Vitae


Pope will wear Cross

according to Israeli Ambassador to the Holy See
Catholic Church Conservation: Jewish pressure for the Pope to lay aside the Cross

Bishop of Linz fighting for his ecclesiastical life

"No local church without a deep unity with Rome", according to his Lenten pastoral letter.

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Diocese of Linz tries to silence critics

From the latest edition of their church newspaper.

Unilateral campaigns are not an isolated case.

One-sided campaign of Catholic "news agency", such as those against diocesan spokesman Ferdinand Kaineder are not an isolated case.

They take care little about journalistic principles, work partially anonymously and just play a highly dubious role in the recent church crisis- the conservative network of private providers on the Internet.

"Anti-Roman" and "illegal". For the Catholic "news agency" it is clear: If one criticised the appointment of Mary Wagner Gerhard criticized, then one is strongly suspected of being an enemy of Rome. Critical remarks by the Editor in Chief Mr. Roland Noé of Linz and his editorial team condemn as a sweeping violation of the ecclesiastical Magisterium: such as the Decision of the 31 deans who refused consent to the Episcopal consecration of Gerhard Maria Wagner. (Cathcon- the Pope is the Vicar of Christ and they openly defied his will and now want to minimise the gravity of their infidelity)

"The reporting of is one-sided and tendentious. Each factual criticism is represented as apostasy, "says Dr. Harald Prinz. The pastoral assistant of Enns-Lorch was targeted himself by In the "The Standard" of 26 March 2008 Prinz said that he supports changes in the celibacy requirement. reproduced much of the material in The Standard, but added something: Allegations from that Prinz had announced an organized revolt against Rome.

Altered reply. "I stand by the critical statements but I have never announced a rebellion," says Harald Prinz. Prinz however is consulting a lawyer. After a discussion with Chief Editor Noé which Bishop Ludwig Schwarz mediated, a reply was agreed. This has been published. The catch was, however, that: commented on the reply (to the church newspaper exists), which in the law related to the press is not legally permitted. The pastoral assistant nonetheless rejected a legal action. This was out of consideration for the bishop, who had tried very hard to mediate.

On asking why the Prinz statement had once again been commented on chief editor Roland Noé refered only to the commentary on the reply. writes there inter alia: 'The reality is understandable to people. " What is meant is probably the reality constructed by

Campaigns. Harald Prinz in conflict with is not an isolated case. Also diocesan spokesman Ferdinand Kaineder has already been several times pilloried by So reported the online medium repeatedly and emphatically that the "Fidelity to the Church Movement" had called for Kaineder’s dismissal. which is not an official medium of the Catholic Church and describes itself as a Catholic news agency accused the spokesman for the diocese in the summer of 2008 of giving a prohibited lay sermon. Thus, he had displaced the priest from the parish. Kaineder’s position that he merely had given a witness of faith was published with delay on Before the release of the first report on, Ferdinand Kaineder was not confronted with the allegations. He had no way to immediately react to it. "This is typical of the work of," says Kaineder: ' does not automatically check the credibility of an informant. A cross-check is not made."

Support for The problem with is not the conservative line, but the disrespect of journalistic principles. Also the Austrian Bishops' Conference had cause to be angry at the one-sided reporting in the context of the Central European Catholic Day 2004. This could be the reason why financial support was cut off for after 2004, admits Dr. Paul Wuthe, spokesman of the Austrian Bishops' Conference, carefully. Officially, there are of the Bishops' Conference no comments regarding

Praise from Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn for can be found on the online platform. Appreciative comments were published in connection with an appeal for donation for in February. The spokesperson of the Archdiocese of Vienna, Erich Leitenberger says however about the request: It is not true that has been paid money by the Archdiocese of Vienna.

The aid organization "Church in Need" has taken under its wing, as its CEO Herbert Rechberger confirmed. Church in Need / Ostpriesterhilfe transfers by its own account an annual amount of 10,000 to 20,000 euros per year. have good contacts in ecclesiastical circles in Rome say critics such as Ferdinand Kaineder or Harald Prinz. Kaineder: "They understand they have to network for specific purposes. An example is also an exclusive interview that with the Nuncio could lead Edmond Farhat. Thus they live. " Holocaust trivialized, ORF material stolen On Internet users can even upload videos and comment. The problem is that some users trivialise the Holocaust.

On 22 January is the comment on put on line: "For God, there is more evidence than for the Holocaust. Should we now also all criminally prosecute those who deny God? "The author uses the pseudonym "Crusader". In mid-March this contribution could still be found on

"There is serious suspicion, that these statements violated the Austrian law which bans a public support for the Nazi regime (The Prohibition Act)," says media law expert Prof. Walter Berka at the request of the church newspaper. The author has the primary legal responsibility but after that the media owner. The latter must take necessary care. "At least if the operator of the platform is advised, these comments should be deleted," says Berka. Hard to complain. The church newspaper asked in why this extremely questionable content is not immediately deleted. "I want to intervene as little as possible, one needs the whole range of Catholicism," says Don Reto Nay, parish priest of the Swiss parish of Sedrun and head of As to any legal consequences, he says: 'What law do you mean? The German or Austrian law is not decisive for us. "Nay has registered in Moldova. Violations of the Prohibition Act in the Eastern European countries cannot be invoked.

Any Internet user can put videos online on and comment. Especially arch-conservative circles use Salzburg Auxiliary Bishop Andreas Laun promotes Who besides Laun and Nays family count as supporters the gloria-tv-chief does not say: "I do not hang with big fish," says Nay. No distancing from the bishops.

On one can see also a "Cardinal Groer Tribute". The accompanying text discusses the scandal around Gerhard Maria Wagner. "One always forgets that Wagner was not the first victim of church intrigue."

An article from the platform, is used as quasi "evidence" in the picture. The same which both the German and Austrian Bishops' Conference dissociate themselves from. Quite different from "We have no index of forbidden websites," explains Dr. Paul Wuthe, spokesman of the Austrian Bishops' Conference. On Holocaust denial Wuthe says "we already have in an example of what is of concern. Of course, mutatis mutandis, to all other websites with similar content. " in conflict with ORF. Tough criticism of the practices of are expressed, however, by ORF. Without authorization, the portal has used ORF material for their own news programs. "That is clearly theft," said Dr. Helmut Obermayr, Director of the Upper Austrian regional studios. He has at least successfully demanded that remove illegally used ORF material, and now demands a public apology. Obermayr: "A lot of child porn sites use the same servers in Moldova as As a result is on an equal footing The Spirit of the SSPX
The Crucified is displayed large on the website (see picture), which state nearby: Catholic News. Catholic, that is to say especially in the spirit of the SSPX or the "brown residue of traditionalists" (Cathcon- they mean, as in Brown Shirts of Hitler’s rise to power- which could be construed as a libel on specifically and traditionalists in general) as the German newspaper taz writes. The Austrian and German Bishops' Conference have been in the train of discussion about the SSPX clearly distanced themselves from the platform. Nevertheless, apparently has good contacts with ecclesiastical circles. So one knew a day before the official announcement of Wagner's appointment as bishop. And the rumour of the alleged abortion paid for by Wagner first made public by in reference to a conversation which the Linzer Circle of Priests had with Bishop Ludwig Schwarz
The tone in contributions is aggressive and hateful: The authors write from the "rotten old-liberal official Church in Austria” (Cathcon- a play on the word Old Catholics- the group who separated from Rome after the declaration of Papal infallibility in 1870) and the "anti-Catholic dioceses." "Now the Pope bows and scrapes even before the Jews" is a headline from 1 March, the report says: "Even the mystification by religious Jews of the Nazi killings has involved the Pope." The authors argue that the Jews have made the Holocaust into a religion.

Most contributions are without mention of an author or an editorial team. It is a question of honour to strictly guard the anonymity of their informants, writes Legal consequences are hardly possible, because the servers of are in California. The operators themselves remain in the shadows. On the question of who exactly is behind the platform, only the short answer is received that in Lent they do not give interviews.
The Response so for welcomes the new readers who have found them through the article in the Linz Diocesan Newspaper. wonderful Catholic videos and news.