Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ecumenical Vespers in Diocese of Linz


Suggestions for a caption? What denomination does the strange doll belong to? Is this what happens to you when you can't decide whether you are Catholic or Protestant. The woman on the right is the parish assistant by the way. The man on the left is not Catholic but Old Catholic (who departed into schism at the time of the First Vatican Council)- his name is, wait for it, Curate Demon!

The man to the right of her in this picture from St Francis in Wels is a Romanian Orthodox priest who must have taken leave of his senses. This is where they venerate the Twig (scroll down for more from this parish and others) and not the Cross, and worship God, Mother and Father.

Papal Letter to All Bishops to be issued Thursday

In the Williamson affair, a humble and strong letter is coming from the Pope

A letter of seven pages will be made public at noon on Thursday which Benedict XVI sends to all the bishops of the Catholic Church to address the matter of revocation of the excommunication of the SSPX bishops and controversy aboutthe interview denying the existence of the gas chambers given by Bishop Williamson.

Cardinal Hoyos likely to step down before Easter

Reactions - Pope Benedict Begins Vatican Shakeup:

Newsmax has learned that one cardinal, Castrillon Hoyos, will be asked to step down before Easter. The 79 year-old Colombian cardinal was responsible for pushing through the lifting of the excommunications of the four breakaway bishops. Sources say the commission he heads will probably be merged with the Vatican’s Congregation for Divine Worship in the coming months.

Cathcon also predicts the departure of Cardinal Re- a more conservative figure is needed to end the centripetal tendencies of some Bishops' Conferences. Expect a document on the role and status of these conferences, to which the Pope gives no theological status, unlike their members.

Ecumenical European elections

EU: Europäische Kirchen informieren über Wahlen

Four ecumenical organizations based in Brussels, including the Conference of European Churches, has launced an information campaign on the upcoming election for the European Parliament. The campaign aims for a higher commitment of EU citizens and thus for a higher turnout than the last time. In the next five years 736 members of the European Parliament to take decisions that concern not only citizens, but the whole world, the organizers said in a release. They put a text on the Internet which deals with issues such as climate change, migration, poverty and peace . It also encourages churches in Europe in advance of the election to actively participlate in the political discussion.

Cathcon- influence of the churches in the European institutions - zero- sitting typing just four hundred yards from the European Parliament. This was even admitted to my wife by one of the Church's leading "lobbyists".

If your talk is of climate change rather than the Cross of Christ, there are a whole lot of organisations that do it a whole lot better, just as there are night clubs in Vienna that provide discos much more exciting that the Cardinal's Find Fight Follow Masses.

The Lay Theologians of Linz have written a book


Our strength is in diversity. A book more about themselves than about Catholic theology- predictably enough.
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How they see Christmas in Linz

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Leader of European liberals opposes Williamson extradition

Watson: Auslieferung von Williamson ohne Sinn - Nachrichten -

Watson: Extradition of Williamson makes no sense
The chairman of the Liberal Group in the European Parliament, Graham Watson, is opposed to extradition of the British Holocaust denier Germany. Such an extradition was not appropriate and not desirable, Watson said to the Catholic News Agency (KNA) in Strasbourg. Legally, the extradition of the traditional bishop is possible, however, if Germany seeks it. Britain voted for the introduction of the European arrest warrant waived the possibility of applying it only in those cases in which a crime in both countries is punishable by law. Watson indicated that Britain in the wake of the implementation of EU law may soon Holocaust denial is punishable.

British Conservative MP on the wonders of Ted Kennedy

UK Parliament - Early Day Motions By Details:

That this House warmly welcomes the awarding of an honorary knighthood to Senator Edward Kennedy for services to US-UK relations and to the peace process in Northern Ireland; recognises the contribution he has made over 46 years in the US Senate to advancing the cause of human rights, universal healthcare and a more just society (Cathcon: don't talk about justice when the guy supports abortion) ; and acknowledges that his contribution to public service has established him as one of the finest and most effective US senators in the history of that august body.

Mr Phibbs is right to be worried.

The Linz Love Story- Bishop knew all along

Pfarrer Friedl: Die Love-Story - Oberösterreich - Österreich /

During the day he is “Mr Priest," by the evening a husband - and no one is upset about it. The "love-Outing" of Arigona-priest Josef Friedl.

Arigona’s priest fights celibacy

(the Arigona Case- which brought the priest to national attention- seems she is cared for in the presbytery)

He is a man of frank words- Ungenach’s priest Josef Friedl: Since Monday the country has been discussing his love-confession and the meaningfulness of celibacy. Now Arigona’s helper Friedl tells about his relationship for the first time:

The silver wedding is already behind him - if a church wedding would be allowed for Catholic priests. Josef Friedl lives, despite the celibacy requirement, for more than 25 years together with his Rosi. The pastor sees no reason to deny the relationship. "Why should I lie? Then my people in the parish would no longer believe (Cathcon – hopefully he meant to say in me!), "said the priest.

Love after an accident
The couple came together through a stroke of fate: When the husband of Rosi K had fatal accident, the widow sought solace in the parish priest. "Then more came of it. This was not a story of just from today to tomorrow, "says Friedl. The everyday organisation for them is like many other couples Friedl goes to work in the rectory early,and in the evening he comes home to eat.

"Grandpa" Josef
Rosi K is already retired. After the death of her husband, she trained as a religious teacher and taught in the elementary school of Ungenach. "She was very good. We will not get someone like that quickly again. This everyone confirms, "Friedl is proud of his partner. For the grandchildren of Rosi K, the pastor at her side as normal: they simply call him "Grandpa." In the parish there is therefore no problem, says the pastor. "On Sunday, many have congratulated me, because I was so open." And in fact: In Ungenach no one is upset about the love life of the priest. Rosi K is very popular in the village and also active in the liturgy committee of the parish council.

Many are personally interested
Friedl as a priest is certainly not an isolated case. An estimated 1,400 priests are in permanent or temporary relationships. Most conceal them. For good reason: Some 500 priests have lost their posts because they wanted to marry, says Herbert Bartl from the association "Priests without an office."

The church ignored the situation, because the priest shortage is huge. Also, the bishops remain silent. No wonder: They are pleased that the recent church crisis is over. Furthermore, Bishop Ludwig Schwarz long ago knew about the relationship. "Friedl knows the rules. He must act in conformity with his conscience, "it is said from sources in Linz. The conservative website is responsible for the Friedl case now boiling over. They were the first to report the "affair". Observers see this as "an act of revenge" for the resistance of Friedl to the Almost Bishop Gerhard Wagner.
Cathcon: now it is time for the other deans who covered their own moral infidelity by attacking the faithful Father Wagner to come clean.
The Bishop of Linz should apologise to Father Wagner. How can a Catholic bishop operate if he lives in fear of such priests and his laity?

Unfaithful priest summoned to meet Bishop of Linz

Zölibat: Pfarrer Friedl droht Amtsenthebung |

The pastor of Ungenach Josef Friedl (district of Vöcklabruck) is threatened , at worst, with loosing office after his public confession that he lives with a woman. He has been called to a discussion about his celibacy adverse behaviour with Bishop Ludwig Schwarz in Linz. The Bishop is however, until Thursday at the Spring Assembly of the Bishops in Innsbruck.

The end result could be the pastor, who made a name in the case of Arigona Zogaj, has to decide between his long-standing relationship and his priesthood. Friedl calls for temporary celibacy, so that in his view, the priest shortage could be effectively dealt. "Even in the monastery, you only finally professes take perpetual vows after a certain time period," said the clergyman. Should the candidate for the priesthood see that the chaste life means nothing to him, he could after certain period of time resign from his vocation.

Friedl has "no fear"

Pastor Josef Friedl has "no fear" of a possible dismissal after his public confession, of living with a woman. He had heard nothing in this direction but there will certainly be a talk with Bishop Ludwig Schwarz, he confirmed on Tuesday to the Austrian Press Agency.

"A dialogue will certainly be necessary," said Friedl. He did not reflect on the matter, he will take the matter as it comes. An appointment had not yet been made, said the clergyman.