Monday, March 09, 2009

Easter Monday Liturgical Hell in Vienna 2008


Dance, "Go with God". The Recessional Act!

Clap along Mass

(apologies posted first video twice originally!)

Cathcon is recovering from the German TV Mass last Sunday. Rhythym and blues just after the consecration. A feature of decadence is that the participants slide further and further down, without properly realising how decadent they have become. The new Mass is going the same way as Ancient Rome.

Linz Diocese shows what it is made of.

Opinion poll on the Diocesan website
Which structural aspect of the Catholic Church is more important?

Hierarchical 38.22 % (133)
Synodal 61.78 % (215)
Votes so far: 348

The Pope is the Vicar of Christ, but they seem to have forgotten that in Linz.

Heretical blessing of stealth priestess in Diocese of Linz


Form of prayer used for blessing of couples on St Valentine's Day in Church of St Francis in Wels.

You God, Father and Mother, the reinforcing force that accompanies us. Keep your protective hand over us in happy days. Lead us in uncertain times. Bear us when we are weak and tired. Blow your Spirit into our relationship, so that the flame of love always blazes strongly. Hold awake the longing for closeness and tenderness. Bless our love. Bless the good and bad days. Bless us as a couple, so that we can for each other and for others to be blessed. "

Swiss Nuncio defends Pope

from KATH.NET - Katholischer Nachrichtendienst

Apostolic Nunciature in Switzerland Critical of Anti-Rome rally in Lucerne.
On the occasion of the demonstration "Acting instead of leaving: We are an open church" on Sunday, 8 March 2009, in Lucerne, Francesco has Canalini, Apostolic Nuncio in Switzerland, released a statement:
1. The fact that various Catholic groups, both "conservative" as "liberal" understand the Second Vatican Council as a break with tradition is a cause of great concern and deep suffering.
2. The formation of groups who wish, using public pressure, to achieve free interpretation of various contents of the teaching and discipline of the Church is not in line with the spirit of the Catholic Church.
3. Pope Benedict XVI as well as his predecessors John XXIII, Paul VI and John Paul II are - within the Catholic Church - the guarantors for the proper and faithful interpretation of the Second Vatican Council.
4. In the current situation, it is more than ever, that the faithful of the Catholic Church express their full confidence in the Holy Father, pray for him (Acts 12.15) and live in communion with the Successor of the Apostle Peter, who our Lord Jesus Christ has entrusted to be the Head of his Church on earth (Mt 16,17-19).
+ Francesco Canalini,
Apostolic Nuncio

Turkey shows what in thinks of Orthodoxy

International Orthodox Christian News: Turkey's battle over Mor Gabriel monastery

KARTMIN, TURKEY --Christians have lived in these parts since the dawn of their faith. But they have had a rough couple of millennia, preyed on by Persian, Arab, Mongol, Kurdish and Turkish armies. Each group tramped through the rocky highlands that now comprise Turkey's southeastern border with Iraq and Syria.
The current menace is less bellicose but is deemed a threat nonetheless. A group of state land surveyors and Muslim villagers are intent on shrinking the boundaries of an ancient monastery by more than half. The monastery, called Mor Gabriel, is revered by the Syriac Orthodox Church.

Battling to hang on to the monastic lands, Bishop Timotheus Samuel Aktas is fortifying his defenses. He's hired two Turkish lawyers -- one Muslim, one Christian -- and mobilized support from foreign diplomats, clergy and politicians.

Also giving a helping hand, says the bishop, is Saint Gabriel, a predecessor as abbot who died in the seventh century: "We still have four of his fingers." Locked away for safekeeping, the sacred digits are treasured as relics from the past -- and a hex on enemies in the present.

The New Traditionalism

Rediscovering Traditionalism at open Democracy News Analysis:

The truth is that the Roman Catholic Church has been in crisis ever since the Second Vatican Council, a crisis not only of falling numbers attending mass, a reduction of vocations, the virtual extinction of some religious orders, but a crisis of identity of the Church itself. The confident, tightly centralised ``triumphalist'' Catholicism that followed the sixteenth century Council of Trent and regained many of the lands that had been lost to Protestantism, the Church that claimed to be `the one ark of salvation for all,' has been replaced by the ``pilgrim Church'', tentatively stretching out to other faiths, often apologetic about the past, sometimes ready to play down its most distinctive doctrines.

Members of old, ethnic parishes

in Cleveland Catholic Diocese fear the worst

The 10:30 a.m. Polish Mass at St. Casimir Church two Sundays ago had the feel of something precious in peril.

The sun beamed through stained-glass windows to bathe a sanctuary as big and as beautiful as any church in Poznan, the old-world city for which the neighborhood was once known.

Immigrant families joined first- and second-generation Polish-Americans in song and prayer in the mother tongue. But there were too few of them -- no more than 50 in a church that could hold a thousand.

St. Casimir, one of the last vestiges of an old Polish neighborhood off East 79th Street in Cleveland, typifies many of the 51 nationality parishes of the Cleveland Catholic Diocese. It is old, beloved and no longer surrounded by the ethnic culture that built it.

The faithful fear the worst this weekend, when Bishop Richard Lennon is to decree which churches must close so others can thrive.

Greater Cleveland's nationality parishes -- seen by many as part of a bygone era -- loom especially vulnerable in the coming downsizing. As they pray for deliverance, members of historic parishes are trying to explain themselves to a region that has mostly moved on. They insist that their churches offer more than polka Masses (Cathcon- I should hope so!) and bilingual confessions -- that they enrich a multicultural region and still bolster the neighborhoods they helped build

Diocese of Linz tells you how much an abortion costs and where to obtain one

kathTube - das katholische Medienportal

In 2006, the Diocese of Linz sent out a CD to Catholic youth.

The CD includes twelve short videos and articles on various topics.
Faith: "Everyone should believe something ... the spirit in nature or aliens ... in esotericism or faith ... everyone seeks their own way and means ..."
Sunday: "... a shared free day ..." - no indication of attending Mass.
Sexuality: Support for, not without contraception " goinh to bed ... tell you all about what there is (the pill, condoms, patches, diaphragm ...)".
Disfigurement and destruction of the Christian family image by spreading half-truths, such as on the issue of homosexuality.
Internet Links (forwarding / Recommendation):
"First Love Emergency in the Linz General Hospital " (pro-abortion website).
HOSI-Linz (homosexual lobby - group), with further relevant links.
With three clicks of the youth can learn the price of an abortion in Austria.

The Bishop claimed not to know. But did nothing, least of all sending out a letter correcting the direct assault on Catholic Faith and morals.

Drunken Diocese

Linz again - The Curt Jester comments:

Linz is kind like the alcoholic uncle you secretly hope never shows up at the parties you throw. when eventually he does, you spend half the time apologizing for his crass behavior and bemoan the fact that because he is family you simply can't toss him out. One hopes they have a twelve step program for liturgical abusers.