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Parish priest becomes King of the Frogs

Carnival time in Germany.

Fr Wagner's parishioners slam Bishop of Linz

We would like to take this opportunity to express our lack of understanding of the Diocesan Bishop. First he was pleased that the Holy Father had placed at his side, in the person of our parish priest, such a good man as auxiliary bishop. Then, however, when considering his withdrawal, he is suddenly relieved. Just one comparison strikes us: A flag in the wind always turns towards the side from where the best wind is coming.

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How can I revoke my departure from the Catholic Church?

I don't believe it.

This is being run as a story on the Diocese of Linz website. All the people who left as a result of the appointment of Fr Wagner are being advised how to come back again now the bully boys of the Diocese have disposed of their Auxilliary Bishop elect. Within the next three months, they should just email or telephone to save their soul.

The Bishop of Linz has just said that Father Wagner did not suffer any unkindness in the Diocese and that his decision should be respected. Empty words.

Apostolic visitation now!

Quite Laughable- the patience of the Pope with the SSPX, says Cardinal Lehmann

Lehmann kritisiert Geduld des Papstes mit Piusbrüdern

Not at all.

It could be considered also laughable however that a Cardinal shared a stage with the devil and dancing girls. But it is actually quite serious.

German TV tonight- to accept the Council or not?

Reactions - Johannes B. Kerner

Discussion between Dr. Hans-Jochen Jaschke, Auxilliary Bishop of Hamburg and Fr Gaudron of the SSPX on German TV tonight.

The SSPX have written a letter to Archbishop Zollitsch, the Chairman of the German Catholic Bishops asking for a theological dialogue. To date, the reply from the Archbishop seems to indicate he does not understand the importance of dialogue. The type of dialogue he likes is the fruitless and the pointless. He, who does not want to dialogue, has even said that they that want to, don't want to really. In this he has been joined by Cardinal Lehmann.

Progress is made tonight as Dr Jaschke is a member of the Bishops' Ecumenical Commission and responsible for ecumenical dialogue in his own diocese.

Bishop demands oath of fidelity from three dissident theologians

Professors should apologize to the Pope from the Sueddeutsche Zeitung

The Regensburg bishop Mueller requires an oath of fidelity from the three theologians who signed a petition for the Second Vatican Council .

The Regensburg Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Mueller threatens three professors of the theological faculty in Regensburg with sanctions because they have signed up to a petition for the Second Vatican Council. He accuses them, with their consent to the Petition Vaticanum 2 to have insulted the Pope. The professors had thereby "disqualified themselves" as Catholic theologians. Mueller has given the professors an ultimatum to distance themselves from the Declaration and to apologise to Pope Benedict XVI

The petition to maintain the council decisions was drafted by the retired Heidelberg theology professor Norbert Scholl in response to the lifting of the excommunication of the four SSPX bishops at the end of January. "We Are Church" suppported the petition, which had a nationwideresonance. Among the signatories - allegedly running to several tens of thousands –demanding the "full recognition of the decisions of the Second Vatican Council" are Regensburg pastoral theologian Heinz-Günther Schöttler, religious studies lecturer Burkard Porzelt and canon lawyer Sabine Demel.

Mueller has asked all three in a letter dated 9 February to respond within two weeks by dissociating themselves from the petition. Müller let it be known that he will forward an apology from the Professors to the Pope. As a sign of “recognition of the ecclesiastical Magisterium ", they should appear before him and make confession of faith and take an oath of fidelity to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Otherwise, Müller threatens "further action", which means the withdrawal of their license to teach.

The Regensburg bishop took exception primarily to the passage in the petition, which states: "The undersigned consider it a clear sign that Pope Benedict XVI undertook this repeal (of the excommunication, editor's note.) so near in time to the symbolic 50th anniversary of the announcement of the convening of a Vatican Council by Pope John XXIII. This backward turn can give rise to the fear of return of parts of the Roman Catholic Church to an anti-modernist enclave. Through this backward part, parts of the Roman Catholic Church will be allowed- among many others – to reject the open letter and the spirit of the important documents of the Second Vatican Council. " So, as Mueller believes the professors represent the Pope acting to the detriment of the church.
Müller has sent a copy of the letter to the professors to the Prefect of the Congregation of Faith, William Joseph Levada, the Head of the Congregation for Education, Zenon Grocholewski, the Apostolic Nuncio in Germany, Jean-Claude Périsset, the Dean of the Faculty of Regensburg and the Trier Bishop Robert Brahm skillfully. Meanwhile, many German bishops are also aware of the German Bishops’ Letter. It remains to be seen how they will position themselves relative to the approach of their brother in office in Regensburg. This is because not only the three Regensburg professors, but many religious people and theologians have signed the petition.

Several theological faculties also have writen their own, sometimes sharper statements, such as the faculties of Würzburg, Freiburg and Tübingen. Even at the Catholic University in Eichstätt, professors are rebelling against the readmission of the bishops of the SSPX. The spokesman of the Bishops' Conference, Matthias Kopp did not want to comment on Monday on the action of the bishop against the professors, referring to the jurisdiction of the local bishop.

"An unbelievable mess" supporters of Father Wagner in Linz speak out

Das sagen Wagners Unterstüzer: "Sauerei" |

For the hard conservative wing of the Diocese of Linz the withdrawal of Gerhard Maria Wagner Maria is painful:

The conservative Linz Priestly Circle, to which Wagner also belongs and even the current Pope Benedict once visited, said that the withdrawal of Wagner is a "personal decision". Josef Bauer, chairman of the priests described the development as an expression of the current attitude in the Diocese of Linz: "This hurts me as a former pilgrim to Rome," says Bauer.

The supporters of Wagner in his home parish of Windischgarsten were angered: "I think it is an unbelievable mess," says Stefan Edelsbacher, Chairman of Parish Council.

On the website, a mouthpiece of the Church’s arch-conservative wing the appointment of Wagner was celebrated euphorically. Now the consternation and outrage after his withdrawal is enormous: In a commentary ( "The Downfall") is the opponents of Wagner were accused of fascist behavior. "Because of its liberal stance, the church in Linz will perish."

Support for Wagner came from politics, namely the Freedom Party: The church has bowed the knee to a mixed hunting party of left-Catholics, agnostics and enemies of the Church".

Cathcon note- the Regional Prime Minister Puhringer had been one of the leaders of the band against Father Wagner. He is a “Christian Democrat” and a former religious studies teacher. Cathcon sees him often on the circuit in Brussels and Linz. His part in the whole affair will not go unmentioned and hopefully faithful Catholics punish him in the forthcoming regional elections by at least abstaining.

The Austrian Bishops collapsed in a row- Father Wagner's brother speaks out

Wagners Bruder: „Gerhard, das stehst du nicht durch“ |

On Sunday, 18.30 Helmut Wagner’s telephone rang. At the other end of the line was his brother Gerhard, the parish priest of Windischgarsten. He said: "Helmut, I have withdrawn from my office as Bishop."

OÖN: Mr. Wagner, how was your brother, when he informed you of this renunciation?
Wagner: He is above everything and sees them as not so pleasant.

OÖN: Are you sure?
Wagner: I had the impression that he is relieved. For my brother, withdrawal was the most sensible course. It was so hopeless that is what changed.

OÖN: What could your brother have changed?
Wagner: He has a parish in Windischgarsten, where all function together splendidly. He thought that this is also possible in the diocese, but the clergy was not behind it. All the bishops collapsed in a row.

OÖN: Do you have an explanation as to why?
Wagner: I have never had the feeling that this originates from the Pope. The reality is different. I have seen the first alarm level following the decision of the Deanery Conference. The whole thing is quite painful: they drove at my brother for so long until he gave up.

OÖN: Many are irritated by your brother’s statments. Among them that Harry Potter is the work of the devil and that the Hurricane Katrina a punishment of God. Your opinion?
Wagner: I have been too little occupied with these subjects. So I will not take a position as I am too much a diplomat. I have a similar attitude to him. I am a secondary school teacher and as such am also for clear lines. You need to set boundaries and orientation. Wishy-washiness is becoming a problem. Gerhard wanted to show this and that is why he has been banished.

OÖN: Has your brother sought advice?
Wagner: We were two or three times in contact. I told him: "Gerhard, you won’t manage it." At Christmas he was with me. He speculated what would happen if he became should be appointed Bishop. I discouraged him even then. You do not have to say to all yes and Amen. When he was appointed two weeks ago, he stood in shock.

OÖN: And now?
Wagner: I will visit him soon. A little talk. That he will need.

OÖN: Describe your brother.
Wagner: Ambitious, conscientious, loving. He will always help everyone. He has a lifelong sense of responsibility which he will take to the grave. He has until recently hoped that a miracle happens and he can change something. But society is not currently ready for someone like him.

One artist among others- you can say that again

A luxury cruise liner - where Fr Wimmer, one of the ringleaders of the revolution against Fr Wagner spends his summer holidays.

I have seen him give the Last Rites in a short sleeve, open neck shirt. No respect for the Pope, no respect for the Sacraments.
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What's wrong with the Austrian Church?

They protect the Diocese of Linz from reform. Keep on scrolling down- includes the Shrine to Judas erected in one of their churches.

Apostolic Visitation now!