Tuesday, February 10, 2009

SSPX schools face cut in government funding

SPD will Pius-Brüder überprüfen

The debate about anti-Semitic tendencies in the archconservative SSPX has now also reached the Saarland. The SPD and the Left Party question the government funds for two schools of the SSPX.

Saarbrücken. SPD and the Left Party demand, in the context of the debate on the anti-Semitic tendencies in the archconservative SSPX consequences for the operation of their two schools in the region. Representatives from both parties require the private schools to be checked - with the aim of cutting funds to the schools with an ethos of encouraging fundamentalism. Currently, two of the SSPX schools in Saarbrücken Fechingen, the Advanced School (ERS) of Sacred Heart and the Primary School of St. Arnual receive grants of a total of 420000 euros per year.

The SPD-education expert Reiner Braun told the SZ that in the SSPX "the tolerance of other religions is rather underdeveloped." He added: "The group who wants to cancel funding is well developed." The Left Party MP, Barbara Spaniol expressed similar views and called for the teaching and learning of the schools to be checked.

The latter was also suggested by the Greens. The CDU MP Gisela Rink said, however, to the SZ, "from the current situation, there is not necessarily sufficient reason for the school authorities to intervene. FDP leader Christoph Hartmann said that unless it is clear that the operator of the school has "undermined the fundamental legal order, the presumption of innocence applies."

The SSPX operated Sacred Heart of Jesus School in Saarbrücken did not want yesterday to contribute to the debate. School secretary Ursula Schmitt told the SZ, that she had a “command from the top” not to comment to the press, because they had the experience of not being properly quoted.

The Regensburger Catholic theology professor Wolfgang Beinert classifies the SSPX as "reactionary and anti-democratic".

Pope Benedict XVI has recently issued a decree withdrawing the 1988 excommunication against the Holocaust denier Richard Williamson and three other bishops of the SSPX.
Since 1988, it has also been about the relationship between Catholicism and Judaism. The SSPX did not want to acknowledge that the Second Vatican Council moved away from the old tradition that the Jews were responsible for the death of Christ.

No state money for a sect
From SZ-editor Dietmar Klostermann
It is eerie: For at least 20 years, Bishop Williamson propagated his Holocaust denial but until January he was a highly respected trainer of members of the SSPX. Also other fathers of this fundamentalist Catholic sect disseminate views that are hardly compatible with the Constitution : they don’t greatly believe in freedom of expression and the death penalty is called an "atonement". Therefore, the Saarland politics must recognise these colours: The support of such beliefs with the donation of 420000 euros annually for the two SSPX schools in Fechingen brothers must be stopped.

Head of SSPX Calls on Williamson to Correct Nonsense

from SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International

Bishop Bernard Fellay, head of the Society of Saint Pius X, told SPIEGEL that Bishop Richard Williamson's comments denying the scale of the Holocaust were "nonsense" and said he had told him to retract them.

Bishop Bernard Fellay, the head of the ultra-conservative Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX), has apologized for the comments made by Bishop Richard Williamson denying the scale of the Holocaust and said he had asked Williamson to retract "this nonsense."

Fellay, superior general of the society since 1994, told SPIEGEL in written answers to questions that he had dismissed Williamson from his position as director of the La Reja Seminary outside Buenos Aires, the Argentinian capital, on Jan. 31, nine days before the dismissal was reported by an Argentinian news agency.

Williamson had made his comments denying the scale of the Holocaust in an interview with Swedish television broadcast in January. "As soon as I saw this interview I told him to correct this nonsense," Fellay said. "The sooner, the better."

Central Council of Jews in Germany makes no attempt to distance themselves from comments that the Pope is untrustworthy, a liar and a hypocrite

Despite repeated contact over four days by telephone and email with the Council, no statement distancing themselves from Dr Friedmann's comments calling the Pope "untrustworthy, a liar and a hypocrite" has been forthcoming. Before being caught in a drugs and a forced prostitution scandal and seperately being disbarred from the legal profession, Dr Friedmann was their Vice-President.

You can't have it both ways- condemning Bishop Williamson for his lamentable views and then turning a blind eye when there is open season on the Pope.

This is the English text of an open letter sent to Dr Friedmann by my wife, formerly the wife of another Dr Friedman (he changed his name by dropping the n as he sought refuge in England from Nazi persecution. We still have the letter from the Austrian Chamber of Doctors which attempted to exempt him from scrubbing the streets in 1938 Vienna- a bit older than my wife's present husband!

Dear Dr Friedmann

I have always carried the name Friedman with pride; I am a Catholic and received the name Friedman by marriage. So dear was this name to me that I kept my passport with the name Friedman for four years after my husband had died, because it seemed to me an honour as an Austrian to carry this name. It therefore stands to reason that I cannot be an anti-Semite; at present, I am writing a book about the Jews of Linz in Austria.

I am ashamed of what you have said in your highly emotional and angry statements in the broadcast of the Kerner Show on ZDF. You call the SSPX, nazis, fascists and anti-Semites. It seems to me that you do not understand what the whole affair is about as I assume that you are a secular Jew and you have no knowledge of what is actually taking place. Just as the Germans under National Socialism have attacked the Jews without any reason, you have attacked and defamed a group of deeply believing Catholics.

It is apparent for you Vatican II means an opening to the world- you are an outsider and this is a simplistic view. I, as an insider, have experienced what had happened to the Catholic Faith- the removal of everything symbolic and sacred from the liturgy. What does this in actual fact mean? I have tried for over twenty years to come to terms with it and to overlook the shambles in the Rock Masses, Carnival Mass, Clown Masses, Sing-song Masses- everyone holding hands and Dance Masses, until I could not bear it anymore. Vatican II Masses became more and more banal, saying less and less and becoming emptier and emptier of spiritual content with a self-made and truncated rhetoric from the priest and a happy-clappy community. If I wanted to hear rock music, I would go to a rock concert- I don’t need the Church for this.

In my search for a Mass with content, where the sacred is still sacred and where the liturgy is still treated in a decent and dignified manner, I found by chance the Fraternity of St Peter. As however most of the liberal inclined bishop held them down with an iron fist and permitted few Masses in the Roman Rite, and as, for instance, in Brussels the Fraternity of St Peter is forbidden to celebrate through the obstinacy of the local Cardinal, I have found again by chance, the SSPX who possess their own church in Brussels independent from the grace and favour of the Diocesan bishops. The latter are set to continue their secular and liberal course, free and cheerfully, despite the fact that their churches are becoming emptier and emptier.

My religion matters to you- it possesses a liturgy which according to Michael Davies, “is the most beautiful thing this side of heaven”. I do not expect any understanding from you but I expect, at least, the respect that you would give to Orthodox Jews. To simply pour dirt onto the SSPX and call them nazis, fascists etc. which I must ask you to withdraw. You are making this statement solely on the basis of an eccentric bishop who denies many other things besides the Holocaust, (9/11, Pearl Harbour) or wishes to impose on them a different interpretation. As far as I know, the US has not taken him to court for this. In any case, should I meet him here again in Brussels- he was here a year ago- I would assure you that I would speak to him that I was married to a Jew and that 45 of his relatives perished. This would mean 45 of the 300/400 thousand that he specified.

You are attacking a group of faithful Catholics (the same disposition and more, you can find in your own faith, among the Orthodox Jews, but you are silent about them.) When I accompanied my husband to Stamford Hill in London- as a doctor, he had to visit an old Jewish lady who had been in a concentration camp, my reception there was not in the least friendly- no-one shook my hand, I was left standing in a corner and the children were clearly afraid of me (as I was not Jewish) and they tried not to come near to me. Contrary to you, I have not criticised their environment or behaviours but tried to explain it to myself.

Why don’t you come forward with the truth why you pour your hatred over the SSPX- because of the Good Friday prayers which are only prayed once a year by the priest in Latin for the Jews. Nb it is the priest who prays this prayer together with ten other bidding prayers. I would appreciate it if you could just once also say prayers for us, the unbelieving gentiles, or do you not pray any more....

I should be grateful.
Mrs Rosa Gillibrand, formerly Friedman

Big brother is watching the SSPX

Pius-Schule in Ruppichteroth unter Beobachtung

SSPX in Ruppichteroth under observation
SSPX founded girls' boarding school of St. Theresa

Rhein-Sieg-Kreis. (man), The North Rhine Wesfalen Education Ministry is monitoring the girls' boarding school founded in Saint-Theresien Ruppichteroth. "We are examining closely whether the school abides by the principles of the national constitution and the school regulations," a spokesman said on Monday.

The Ministry has no evidence of prior offenses. The school published on the Internet a position statement on the comments of Bishop Richard Williamson. The SSPX-affiliated cleric had recently denied the Holocaust.

"We dissociate ourselves clearly and sharply from any denial of Nazi crimes", said the school.

SSPX Bishop Video Conference


There are five more of the same conference at the same source.

Cathcon proclaimed fallible

New Bishop of Linz Austria Chosen, Surprises of the Spirit - Catholic Online:

"The ever feisty but often accurate Web Blog, entitled “Catholic Church Conservation” (see has been following the blatant liturgical abuses and sometimes overt but under the radar acts of infidelity in this Diocese for a very long time. It has done so with a dry sense of humor and courageous clarity of insight."

Unity and truth rejoined

as Cardinal Hoyos announces progress. - Piusbruderschaft: "Kreuzschändung fataler als Terror" - International

Reactions - Piusbruderschaft: "Kreuzschändung fataler als Terror" - International:

The head in Germany of the arch-conservative SSPX, Father Franz Schmidberger equated the desecration of the Cross with terrorist attacks according to research from the SWR-political magazine "Report Mainz" . He did so in October 2001 when giving a lecture, a desecration of the cross, when the Savior about a torn arm, is objectively a greater sin than the terrorist attack in New York. In an interview with "Report Mainz" Schmidberger confirmed this statement and defends it. The spokesman of the German Bishops' Conference, Matthias Kopp, described this statement as unacceptable according to the report.

Bishop Williamson is a terrorist- Austrian Abbot

The Heiligenkreuz Abbot Gregor Henckel-Donnersmarck finds it inconceivable that Bishop Williamson can return to the Catholic Church . In an interview, he said: "Williamson is a terrorist who has placed a bomb. The statements of this idiot are a sign of extreme stupidity. But all those who now criticise the pope fall into his trap and do exactly what Williamson intended. He is a fire raiser and wants everything to burn." Williamson seems to be so stupid that he cannot be clear about the consequences of his actions." He personally was a" declared enemy "of the SSPX said Henckel - Donnersmarck. However,he said little about a new, politically based excommunication of Williamson. The excommunication had been based on the illicit consecration , but the statements of Williamson were "political, obscene and vile." From Radio Vatican
The Abbot is a keen supporter and, I believe, a close associate of the Pope.