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Reexcommunicate Williamson says German Bishops' Conference

 from Der Spiegel

The German Bishops' Conference has had enough: they call for the renewed excommunication of Richard Williamson. "I see no place for him in the Catholic Church," says Bishop Zollitsch - the Holocaust denier had previously announced in the SPIEGEL, that he will not renounce his theories in spite of Papal demands.

Robert Zollitsch, Chairman of the German Bishops' Conference, wants the Holocaust denier Richard Williamson to be again excluded from the Catholic Church. The Freiburg Archbishop Robert Zollitsch told the Bild am Sonntag: "Mr. Williamson is impossible and irresponsible. Now I see no place for him in the Catholic Church."

In the Causa Williamson , the Archbishop of Freiburg wants to enter into a dialogue with the Central Council of Jews in Germany. Therefore, he has suggested two dates for a meeting with the Chairman of the Central Council, the newspaper reported. Zollitsch said he hoped the conversation would take place within the next four weeks.

Pope Benedict XVI is also seeking high-level talks with Jewish representatives. He wants underline to envoys of the influential Association of Jewish Organizations in the U.S., CPMAJO, that the Church shares with them their view on the hazards of Holocaust denial express shared with Church. Accordingly, the Israeli Chief Rabbinate has already agreed to renewed talks with the Vatican. The chief representatives of the Jewish faith had suspended dialogue with the Catholic Church suspended in late January.

Before Zollitsch, the Regensburg Bishop Gerhard Muller had asked for sharp sanctions against Williamson. The Bishop of the arch-conservative SSPX must "voluntarily or compulsorily leave the clerical state” , Mueller wrote in a statement that this weekend was read in the Churches of his Bavarian diocese. Also Mueller urged consequences for the other three SSPX bishops returning to the Church. They should give up their Episcopal powers work only as a priest, says Müller in a letter published on the website of the Diocese of Regensburg.

Bishop wants to search for "historical evidence" for the Holocaust
In an interview with SPIEGEL Williamson had said he would not be taking back his theses on the holocaust. He will first examine the historical evidence, the bishop said: "And if I find this evidence, then I will correct them. But that will take time."

In SPIEGEL, Williamson renewed his criticism of the Second Vatican Council. The conciliar texts were ambiguous: "That leads to this theological chaos that we have today." The Second Vatican Council is generally regarded as the contemporary renewal of the Catholic Church and interpreted as a rapprochement of the Christian churches. The conservative SSPX reject it for just reason.
The bishop is also critical of universal human rights - "Wherever human rights were understood as an objective order that the State should enforce, it always ends in an anti-Christian policy." On the SSPX, Williamson said he would "under no circumstances” further damage “ the Church and the SSPX". 
Williamson was recently taken back by Pope Benedict XVI into the Catholic Church together with three other excommunicated bishops of the SSPX. The Pope did not want to know about the holocaust denial of Williamson. The behavior of the head of the Catholic Church has led to serious tensions with Judaism and even Chancellor Angela Merkel intervened and criticized the German-born Pope publicly. 

Canon lawyers think renewed excommunication possible 
Williamson can be excommunicated again according to German canon law experts. When we think of the genocide of European Jews, this is not a faith issue, said the professor of canon law at Trier, Peter Krämer to the "Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger". Nevertheless, the Catholic Church has the duty to take positions on ethical or social issues and to intervene if the premises of the Church on human dignity are violated." This was the case when someone denies the Holocaust. Williamson denied not only the historical facts, "but behind the denial is an inhuman ideology." Pope Benedict XVI could, as the toughest sentence, perfectly well pronounce excommunication, but a ban on speaking over many years is possible. 
Monica Herghelegiu, professor of canon law at the Catholic University of Tübingen, had already suggested in the past week in an interview with SPIEGEL ONLINE that another excommunication may be possible - not because of Holocaust denial, but because of the rejection of the Second Vatican Council. 
The position of the SSPX themselves on Williamson is clear. They expelled a priest on Friday who also denied the Holocaust. 

The Catholic Church according to insiders is increasingly loosing members due to the dispute about the controversial SSPX. "The exit wave has already started," said the head of the German section of Vatican Radio, Fr Eberhard Gemmingen.

Bishop Williamson- Heroic Harmonies

from Dinoscopus

How heroic or promoting of harmony the Bishop's words and actions have been, I will leave for Cathcon readers to judge. The symphony ends in a blaze of glory.

Bishop Williamson refuses to apologise for the moment

AFP: L'évêque négationniste Williamson refuse de s'excuser selon le magazine Spiegel

A bishop who questioned the existence of gas chambers in the extermination camps has refused for the moment to take back his statements despite an appeal from the Vatican, reports the German magazine Der Spiegel in the edition to appear Monday.

The negationist Bishop whose statements caused a great deal of emotion throughout the world, especially in Germany has said he must study the historical proof before retracting his positions.

"If I find the proofs, then I will issue a correction of the positions taken" stated the Bishop "But that will take time" he added.


Williamson renewed his criticism of Vatican II saying it was responsible which had provoked "the theological chaos we see today".

Cathcon- when you're in hole, it is advisable to stop digging.
Another report in Germany says Catholics are leaving the Church is droves, more concerned about the odious comments of an eccentric bishop than the salvation of their own souls.

Bishop Williamson wanted to stop the broadcast

Reactions – Bischof Williamson wollte die Ausstrahlung verhindern

The General Superior of the Fraternity, Bishop Bernard Fellay, sent a fax before the broadcast to the television:

"It is shameful, to use an interview about religious issues to discuss secular and controversial issues, with the obvious intention of the work of our religious society disfiguring and slander."

Bishop Williamson also had sent a letter to the television station before the broadcast.

His lawyer said: "We call on you not to publish in whole or in any Part, the interview on the Internet or otherwise ."

I suspect legally this would mean that the Bishop if convicted would get a fine, rather than a prison sentence. Maybe the court could not convict. It may also mean that the TV station themselves are in legal trouble.

Any German or Swedish lawyers out there?

The publication violates the fundamental rights of the client, in particular his legal personality. Mons. Williamson had given the interview for use in the documentary.

The future's bright, it must (not) be Taize


Cathcon quotes the advertising for Orange mobile phones. Colour of clothing always indicated which order someone belonged to, but one always gets the feeling with Taize that the colour has come to dominate without the order standing for anything other than ecumenical sentimentality.
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Light in our darkness at Vatican I


Light from the Church to which Europe and America are marching towards, illuminating divided Protestants, enslaved schismatics, atheist free thinkers, fatalist Muslims and idolatrous savages (think Saturday night after closing time in almost any English city!).

He who you listen to, listens to Me
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SSPX is no place for sede-vacantists

Cathcon has learned that Fr. Abrahamowicz has held positions close to sedevantism for the past few years and has manifested within the SSPX his strong disagreement with the improvement of relations with the Holy See.

His recent equivocal statements on the gas chambers are just the last straw for the SSPX who, while others seek the limelight, have the best interests of Christendom close to their heart.

How he did not welcome the lifting of the excommunications

Archbishop Lefebvre expelled a tranche of sedevacantists from the SSPX- a providential decision- otherwise the situation now would be intractable. If nothing else has been proved in the last weeks is the unique role of the Papacy in the defence of Christendom. Oh that the post-Conciliar Popes prior to Benedict had understood this as well as the Pope!