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Radio Vatican criticises the Roman Curia

in the Weekly Commentary of their German service

I now ask all those who appreciate Pope Benedict to have confidence that I have the same high respect for him, his office and his church, when I put the work of some people in the Vatican under the microscope. I do not do this to soil my own nest, but because millions of decent people have serious questions of Pope Benedict and the Catholic Church. My criticism is an expression of appreciation of the Pope, the Vatican and the Catholic Church.
And now I want to say:

The Vatican in the last few days went wrong. Why could a spokesman not explain?: We have made some mistakes. There is something wrong.

That the Pope was concerned about the unity of the church is a cause for happiness. The fact that some confused the lifting of excommunication with a complete rehabilitation can surprise or anger. The fact that an illicit Bishop to whom the Pope had made concessions was outed as a Holocaust denier and made himself beyond the pale of society – that can seem only fatal. Especially, as one can suspect still quite different depths of reaction in the separated Society of St Pius X.

Clearly said: This concurrence of the lifting the excommunication and the Holocaust-denial by Bishop Williamson was fatal. Simply fatal. Afterwards, the Vatican again patches things up and limita damage – just as they did after the Regensburg speech. There is a really important requirement - namely to preserve the unity of the Church – which had unprofessionally been thrown into the works. It is not just the "evil media", who staged a Bishop Williamson scandal to harm the reputation of the Pope. Even in the Vatican errors in this matter have been made.

Benedict XVI on Wednesday did the right thing when he did not point the finger at others, but (not for the first time) clearly rejected any denial of the Holocaust. Whoever knows the Pope knows how much the relationship to Judaism lies close to his heart. Unfortunately, you sometimes have the impression that in the Vatican there are also people who pursue their own agenda - and thereby run the risk of serious damage to the reputation of the Catholic Church and the Catholic-Jewish relationship.

Already, according newspaper leaks a Vatican cardinal has accused another that the lifting of the excommunication was hastily and carelessly pushed through. It would not be the first reference to "sloppiness" with serious consequences in the Vatican. Benedict XVI invites the Cardinals repeatedly to loyally cooperate in the governance of the church – one must judge the Roman curia against this requirement.

With these words, I want to show that the Pope was not to blame for what scandalised people all around the world, but unfortunately people in the Vatican for their unprofessional or stubborn way of working.

See also Cardinal Re furious with Cardinal Hoyos

Neo-Catholic Sour Grapes

described in The Remnant:

In my online article on the courageous decision of Pope Benedict XVI to annul the long-contested excommunications of the bishops of the Society of Saint Pius X (“Triumph and Tribulation,” posted 1/26/09), I took exception to the opinions of Bishop Williamson concerning the Holocaust (“there was not one Jew killed by the gas chambers; it was all lies, lies, lies,” etc.) as aired in a November 2008 televised interview suspiciously released to the Internet days before the excommunications were lifted. I offered a refutation of those opinions and expressed the fear that unless the Society took immediate remedial action, what should have been an unalloyed triumph for tradition could become a debacle.

Call to interupt beatification process of Pope Pius XII

Präsident der Deutsch-Israelischen Gesellschaft Gerster (CDU) kritisiert Vatikan / Nach Williamson-Affäre jetzt Seligsprechung Pius' XII. aussetzen

The President of the German-Israeli Society and longtime head of the Christian Democratic Union associated Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Israel Johannes Gerster has voiced criticism of the Vatican: he had "as a Catholic, my problems with the rehabilitation of the Holocaust denier Bishop Williamson. From Rome, "more sensitivity" must be expected. Gerster cautioned the Vatican, to change the beatification process of Pope Pius XII. He considers this "even more important." Pius was elected Pope in 1939, the year of World War II began in 1939 and is still onsidered by critics the silent one in the Vatican who did nothing against the Holocaustng. Gerster said, especially in light of the Williamson affair, it was important that the beatification of the pope should be halted "until after the opening of the Vatican documents and a thorough public discussion about them". He was himself convinced that the Church from such a "full transparency should expect no disadvantages".

On the unity of the Church and the silence of Bishops

Epistle to the Ephesians of St. Ignatius. Tomorrow is his Feastday and his words are ever relevant in these troubled times.

Chapter 3 Exhortations to unity
I do not issue orders to you, as if I were some great person. For though I am bound for the name [of Christ], I am not yet perfect in Jesus Christ. For now I begin to be a disciple, and I speak to you as fellow-disciples with me. For it was needful for me to have been stirred up by you in faith, exhortation, patience, and long-suffering. But inasmuch as love suffers me not to be silent in regard to you, I have therefore taken upon me first to exhort you that you would all run together in accordance with the will of God. For even Jesus Christ, our inseparable life, is the [manifested] will of the Father; as also bishops, settled everywhere to the utmost bounds [of the earth], are so by the will of Jesus Christ.

Chapter 4. The same continued

Wherefore it is fitting that you should run together in accordance with the will of your bishop, which thing also you do. For your justly renowned presbytery, worthy of God, is fitted as exactly to the bishop as the strings are to the harp. Therefore in your concord and harmonious love, Jesus Christ is sung. And man by man, become a choir, that being harmonious in love, and taking up the song of God in unison, you may with one voice sing to the Father through Jesus Christ, so that He may both hear you, and perceive by your works that you are indeed the members of His Son. It is profitable, therefore, that you should live in an unblameable unity, that thus you may always enjoy communion with God.

Chapter 5. The praise of unity
For if I in this brief space of time, have enjoyed such fellowship with your bishop — I mean not of a mere human, but of a spiritual nature— how much more do I reckon you happy who are so joined to him as the Church is to Jesus Christ, and as Jesus Christ is to the Father, that so all things may agree in unity! Let no man deceive himself: if any one be not within the altar, he is deprived of the bread of God. For if the prayer of one or two possesses Matthew 18:19 such power, how much more that of the bishop and the whole Church! He, therefore, that does not assemble with the Church, has even by this manifested his pride, and condemned himself. For it is written, God resists the proud. Let us be careful, then, not to set ourselves in opposition to the bishop, in order that we may be subject to God.

Chapter 6. Have respect to the bishop as to Christ Himself
Now the more any one sees the bishop keeping silence, the more ought he to revere him
For we ought to receive every one whom the Master of the house sends to be over His household, Matthew 24:25 as we would do Him that sent him. It is manifest, therefore, that we should look upon the bishop even as we would upon the Lord Himself. And indeed Onesimus himself greatly commends your good order in God, that you all live according to the truth, and that no sect has any dwelling-place among you. Nor, indeed, do you hearken to any one rather than to Jesus Christ speaking in truth.

Church dissident calls for removal of Pope

from FT Germany:

The criticism of Pope Benedict XVI because of the rehabilitation of the controversial Bishop Richard Williamson does not stop. Israel has in consequence threatened with the severance of diplomatic relations with the Vatican. Salomon Korn, vice president of the Central Council of Jews, called it unforgivable that a Holocaust denier could be acceptable in society. The theologian Hans Küng even called for the Pope to be changed. He obviously had no idea of the degree to which his action would be considered disastrous.

Cathcon note the German word means change or removal.

This well known dissident supplements one ultra-counter-productive statement, that of Bishop Williamson with another.

The FT are probably referring to Kueng's 'If Obama were Pope'.

No wondere he is outside of the Church leadership- he clearly thinks in political rather than divine categories. Obama has a chance of becoming the most disappointing President in American history (some competition there however from Jimmy Carter)- the Pope is the Vicar of Christ, the head of the Catholic Church, against which the gates of hell will not prevail, even unto the end of time. The leadership cannot be changed at the whim of thoroughly secular priest however well known and beloved in the world.

Feast of St John Bosco

On May 30, 1862, Don Bosco recounted that, in a dream, he had seen an immense sea, on which a great many ships were arranged for battle, against a larger and taller ship. He also saw others which were defending the tall ship. Here are his words: "In the midst of this endless sea, two solid columns, a short distance apart, soar high into the sky. One is surmounted by a statue of the Immaculate Virgin, at whose feet a large inscription reads: 'Auxilium Christianorum,' ('Help of Christians'). The other, far loftier and sturdier, supports a Host of Proportionate size, and bears beneath it the inscription: 'Salus credentium,' ('Salvation of believers'). "The flagship commander the Roman Pontiff standing at the helm, strains every muscle to steer his ship between the two columns, from whose summit hang many anchors, and strong hooks linked to chains. The entire enemy fleet closes in, to intercept and sink the flagship at all costs. They bombard it with everything they have: books and pamphlets, incendiary bombs, firearms, cannons. The battle rages ever more furious. Beaked prows ram the flagship again and again, but to no avail, as, unscathed and undaunted, it keeps on its course. At times a formidable ram splinters a gaping hole into its hull, but, immediately, a breeze from the two columns instantly seals the gash.

"Meanwhile, enemy cannons blow up; firearms and beaks fall to pieces; ships crack up and sink to the bottom. In a blind fury, the enemy takes to hand to hand combat, cursing and blaspheming. Suddenly the Pope falls, seriously wounded. He is instantly helped up, but, struck a second time, dies. A shout of victory rises from the enemy, and wild rejoicing sweeps their ships. But no sooner is the Pope dead, than another takes his place. The captains of the auxiliary ships elected him so quickly, that the news of the Pope's death coincides with that of his successor's election. The enemy's self assurance wanes.

"Breaking through all resistance, the new Pope steers his ships safely between the two coiumns; first, to the one surmounted by the Host, and then to the other, topped by the statue of the Virgin. At this point, something unexpected happens. The enemy ships panic and disperse, colliding with and scuttling each other.

"Some auxiliary ships, which had gallantly fought alongside their flagship, are the first to tie up at the two columns. Many others, which had fearfully kept far away from the fight, stand still, cautiously waiting until the wrecked enemy ships vanish under the waves. Then they, too, head for the two columns, tie up at the swinging hooks, and ride safe and tranquil beside their flagship. A great calm now covers the sea."

German Far-Right Hails Holocaust Denier Williamson

from Der Spiegel

Germany's far right has welcomed the move by German Pope Benedict XVI to lift the excommunication of British bishop Richard Williamson, who denied the Holocaust in an interview last week. German Jewish leaders are appalled at the decision.

In the churches and chapels of the Society of Saint Pius X, the incense burners at the holy masses have been swung with even greater vigor since the weekend in joy over the decision by Pope Benedict XVI to lift the excommunication of their founding father, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and the bishops he ordained, among them Archbishop Richard Williamson.

Israel threatens to break with Vatican

Israelischer Minister droht Vatikan

Yitzhak Cohen, the Minister for Religious Affairs is threatening a break in diplomatic relations with the Vatican.

in the next edition of Spiegel he writes that he recommends "fully breaking the ties with a body in which holocaust deniers and antisemites are members".

Cardinal Kasper tries to hinder conversion of Anglicans

Report from the official Italian news agency.

Sources close to the Vatican Pontifical Council for the Unity of Christians, the Vatican ministry responsible for ecumenical dialogue recalled that the conversion was a strictly personal matter. 'We have not been consulted - in addition - we would not agree to a return as a group'

Full background from Articles of Faith

Cardinal Barbarin on Bishop Williamson

He says that the apology is "absolutely insufficient".

''They're totally inadequate excuses that do not correspond to those which his superior gave, who asked for forgiveness from the Pope and from all those who have been wounded by those words. There 'was no retraction''said Cardinal Barbarin French radio RTL.

Anti-Life Catholic US Lawmakers Call for Direct Repudiation of Bishop Williamson's views

Fifty Catholic members of Congress have written Pope Benedict XVI, asking him to directly reject the views of British-born Bishop Richard Williamson, who has denied the scale of the Holocaust. Benedict last week reinstated Williamson and three other bishops who have rejected the church's teachings from the second Vatican Council. An excerpt:

'We understand that . . . you do not share in his views. And we welcome your recent statement expressing 'full and indisputable solidarity' with the Jewish people. But this is too sensitive an issue to be handled without a direct repudiation of Bishop Williamson's views. As a spiritual leader and the head of the Catholic Church, we believe it is vital that you publicly state your unequivocal position on this matter so that it is clear where the Church stands on one of the most consequential events of the 20th century. To neglect to do so is to allow others to portray it as they wish and impede the progress made over so many years toward harmony and reconciliation.'

Hopefully the Pope will write back reminding them of their solemn obligation towards life in the womb. It is morally impossible to protest against the crime of the holocaust and then to vote for abortion. The killing of the innocent is a crime.

From the Congressional Voting record, of the fifty, 36 have a zero record of being pro-life, including one Patrick Kennedy. Two George Miller and Carolyn Mccarthy have 100 percent record of voting pro-life, two more 85 percent, two more 71 percent, and two more a mere fourteen percent. The rest are new entrants.

Don't forget these are all Catholics who wish to give the Pope advice when they themselves show little or no loyalty to his moral teaching, apart from the noble exceptions cited. They are asking Bishop Williamson to repent, time they did some of their own.

Letter here

Rabbi not critical of the Pope

Brad Hirschfield: Pope Benedict and Society of Pius - On Faith at

But only if he now makes a guesture to the progressive side of the Church. He has a dim politicised view of the Catholic Church, as one would expect from someone who does not believe in Her Divine foundation and guidance.

The Glory of once Catholic England, Wales and Scotand

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Cardinal Schönborn criticises Vatican (II)

No thats not Vatican II but a follow up to the previous report!

The interview- sorry its in German- prior to the Cardinal leading laity calling for married clergy and more lay participation.

Diocese of Linz gets what it needs and deserves

Zerreißprobe für Diözese, Rom setzt Erzkonservativen als Linzer Weihbischof ein Endurance test for Diocese, Rome appoints archconservative as Auxilliary Bishop of Linz.

The extremely conservative current parish priest of Windischgarsten, Maria Gerhard Wagner, is new Bishop of the Diocese of Linz.

The news leaked from Vienna church sources to the Upper Austrian News will be officially announced in the next few days. Many engaged Catholics of the Diocese of Linz will perceive this as a provocation. The diocese could have a test of endurance.

According to unconfirmed information, no candidate was considered appearing on the proposed list of Linz Diocesan Bishop Ludwig Schwarz. Allegedly, Rome has directly taken the decision. Even the Vienna Archbishop Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn was not directly involved in the decision-making.

Vicar General Severin Lederhilger could feel deep disappointment at this decision. The Vicar-General was considered one of the favorites and was also next to the former Chaplain of the Seminary of Linz, Johann Hintermaier on the Bishop’s three name candidate list.
The future bishop is so far noted mainly for controversial statements and absolute fidelity to Rome. He has said that environmental disasters are close to divine punishment. The diocese was forced to distance itself from Wagner. (Cathcon- nothing comes except God permits it- an understanding of Catholics in all ages but our own.)

Within the Diocese, Wagner stands for a very controversial minority. According to a church insider, the weight of Wagner's future office is less important than the fact of his appointment. Rome wanted to signal to Linz that the era of liberal and moderate courses are gone.

How Catholics in Upper Austria will react is not yet known. Even the recent decisions (end of (Cathcon regular- of course a layman can baptise in emergency) baptism by laymen) has triggered great resentment in the diocese.

Hat tip to

Cathcon fears he may get the blame after all he has written about the most liberal Diocese in the whole of Europe.

But if the Pope can do this in Linz, he can also do this in the Archdiocese of Westminster.

The time for partying is over. Time to preach the Cross of Christ.
To the Immaculate in thanksgiving, under whose patronage and name the great Bishop Rudiger built the new Cathedral in Linz .