Thursday, January 29, 2009

Times leader attacks Pope over lifting of excommunications

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Now is the time for all good Catholics to come to the defence of the Pope. Cathcon has zero time for Bishop Williamson's holocaust denial, not least because he should have been preaching the Cross of Christ on Swedish TV but also because it indicates he has about as much love for truth in history as the most ardent modernist has in religion and is totally deficient in the matter of charity.

But what exactly is The Times accusing the Pope of?

Again another comment from my hand on the Articles of Faith blog on The Times

I will post at greater length about Bishop Williamson and my utter distaste for his views but one thing occurred to me today was just how modern a Bishop he is. The Pope has been critical of the tendency of bishops to behave like Popes (albeit confined in most cases to their Dioceses) following the powers devolved to them by the Second Vatican Council . Free expression has been the result, unconstrained in some cases by Scripture, Tradition and the constant Magisterium of the Church, constraints which the Pope himself has to operate under.

Strange then that Bishop Williamson takes freedom in his expression to the very limit, a tendency that he would surely deplore if applied to any Bishop but himself. I,for one, only want to hear from Bishops pronouncements on Faith and Morals. The universal law of the Church is the salvation of souls. How Bishop Williamson thought he was fulfilling this supreme law with his comments, I just do not know? I heard him preach once. He assured at great length (if that is the right word!) the congregation that the anti-Christ was approaching and may have already been born but had not been recognised yet. The same question applies.

Sadly, I suspect that Bishop Williamson when he became a Catholic did not leave psychologically his no Popery attitudes at the door, which explains why of all the four bishops he is the most recalcitrant when it comes to reconciliation with the Holy See.

What a way he has chosen to end his career being the second most famous anti-semitic excommunicate after Luther! And after this episode, hopefully we never hear again about posthumously lifting the excommunication on Luther given his views on Jews which make Williamson’s look mild. And the Bishop’s career will be ended for sure, unlike other traditionalists for whom glory beckons.

The Bishop has apologised to the Vatican but he now needs to make an act of reparation to Jews throughout the world. Acts of reparation have fallen into desuetude in the modern Church but it is a practice still found practiced by traditional Catholics

Watch out for tomorrow's leader in The Times on Bishop Williamson

"one of the strongest ever leaders we have carried, in true Thundering tradition."

The Articles of Faith blog also carries letter from the Jewish Christian Council.

The full interview with Fr. Floriano Abrahamowicz

Full SSPX reconciliation imminent

Vatican Insider Projects Speedy SSPX Resolution

Vatican Working on Stable Juridical Structure

Monsignor Ignacio Barreiro, chief of Human Life International’s Rome bureau, could not confirm the February 2 date, but said his Curial source told him that they are currently busy working out the practical arrangements for a fully regularized Society of St. Pius X.

The final solution “cannot depend upon individual diocesan bishops,” Monsignor Barreiro said, noting the longsuffering many traditionalist Catholics experienced for nearly 20 years under the Ecclesia Dei Adflicta arrangement.

“They would certainly need to have guarantees that where they currently are located, they cannot be touched by the local bishop,” Barreiro said, noting the Society’s chapels being located across the globe, which he described as “de facto parishes.” Barreiro rightly noted that the Society bishops most likely would not accept any solution that involved jurisdiction by the local territorial Ordinary.

France’s Seminaries to be Over One-Third Traditionalist

In fact, specific resistance is most prevalent in the dying churches of France with their bishops and priests. Upon final regularization, Monsignor Barreiro said, “More than one-third of all seminarians in France will be in traditionalist seminaries.” This would include the SSPX, the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP), the Institute of Good Shepherd and the Institute of Christ the King (ICR) as well as some other lesser known traditionalist priestly groups.

“I expect that some structure like a universal Apostolic Administration may be the only solution,” Monsignor Barreiro said, while cautioning that he did not have direct access to the specific details.

Bishop Williamson goes to ground

Behind the walls of his seminary. Press not admitted, priest in soutane says Bishop Williamson is taking his siesta. One journalist who loitered too close to the seminary was threatened with the police.

Personal prelature on the way for ex-Angliicans.

- almost time for another Te Deum!

Head of German Jewish Community breaks off dialogue with the Catholic Church

We have nothing to talk about but emphasises the words, "for the moment" and goes on to praise the Pope as one of the most educated and intelligent people in the Catholic Church.

Pope's words "'A great step forwards in resolving this question'

according to the Chief Rabbinate

Pope Benedict XVI's strong stand against denying the Holocaust was welcomed Wednesday by the highest Jewish authority in Israeli, which had threatened to sever ties indefinitely with the Vatican. ...

The director general of the Chief Rabbinate, Oded Wiener, later told ANSA that the pope's words were 'a great step forwards in resolving this question'. 'His statements were very important for us and for the whole world,' he added.