Thursday, January 22, 2009

All Priests Holy Roadshow


Yes, they are all real priests!

Just how much lay participation is required to run a parish


An enormous parish council in one parish. Cathcon is against parish councils as they amount to a pseudo-clericising of the laity in most cases. The joys of office without the sacrifice.

Female replacements for deacon and sub-deacon

At a youth Mass in Austria last year. The priest is a Father Gump.
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Parish of Parishes

Solution forced on Aachen by the bishop when he could not find enough progressive priests to fill his parishes.

If you don't have a spiritual crisis when you touchdown at Brussels airport

You will have one when you see their chapel.
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January- Month of the Holy Name


Special Devotions For Months

The Holy Name of Jesus (feast of the Holy Name, second Sunday after Epiphany); indulgences, one hundred days each day if the devotion is made privately, three hundred days each day, if the devotion be in a public church or chapel, plenary indulgence for daily assistance at the public functions, under the usual conditions (Leo XIII, 'Brief', 21 Dec., 1901; 'Acta S. Sedis', XXXIV, 425)

Thursdays- devoted to the honour of the Blessed Sacrament


Feast of Saint Anastasius the Persian


Patron Saints at the Catholic Forum

Pagan magician. Soldier in the army of Persian king Khusrow II during the campaign that brought the Holy Cross from Jerusalem to Persia. Magundat was so impressed by the obvious power of the relic, and the devotion and sanctity of the Christians who flocked to it, that he converted to Christianity, left the army, took the name Anastasius, and became a monk in Jerusalem. After seven years of prayer and solitude, Anastasius returned to Persia to convert his countrymen. He was soon arrested for his faith, and was promised high honours if he would deny Christ and return to the service of Khusrow; he declined. Martyred with about 70 other Christians whose names have not come down to us.

Latest Catholic video news!


Pope and Christian Unity

Spanish Protestants want to pull down the Catholic Church. An Anglican delegation turned up during the Spanish Civil War and blamed the Catholic Church for the attrocities perpetrated by the Communists on the Catholic Church.

Death of Cardinal Ghattas

Bolivia referendum

Archbishop Jadot dies

Ut Unum Sint- that all be one


Pope Benedict XV

In the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity-the original intentions of the Chair of Unity Octave issued by Pope Benedict.

Excommunication of SSPX bishops to be lifted within days?

What Does The Prayer Really Say? has the story.

Also at the New Liturgical Movement

Rorate Caeli- surprise for tomorrow, meaning today but unclear how long it will take before being made public.

Paolo Luigi Rodari also confirms the news in his report for Il Riformista this morning, adding the information that:

"It [the decree] will come out in the next few days, probably by Sunday. The President of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts, Archbishop Francesco Coccopalmerio wrote and signed it [the decree], by the Pope's will."

Guide to the Removal of Excommunications

Updated Articles of Faith blog

Bishop Williamson on the Holocaust - the first few paras now also translated.

The ugliest chapel in the world

In a Retreat House in Germany.