Monday, January 12, 2009

I have had a nightmare

Gay bishop to take part in Obama ceremony

Latin Mass in Fatima


that the Faith in Portugal should not fail.

Chapter General is a Riot!

Institute of the Holy Family of Bourdeaux


Karl Rahner's Mein Kampf

It was said that anyone who had taken the trouble to read Hitler's Mein Kampf could have foreseen all the dreadful things that happened.

Likewise, if one had read Fr Karl Rahner's The Shape of the Church (in German Strukturwandel der Kirche als Aufgabe und Chance- Structural Change in the Church as Task and Opportunity) to come in 1970. Here is the index.

Fr Rahner was a member of the "Reform Group of Rhineland Clergy" during the Second World War. Did they have plans for the Church.

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The notorious Hans Kueng's apologia Erkämpfte Freiheit - Freedom Battled for has been translated into English as "My Fight for Freedom"- a title which no German publisher could use- Mein Kampf (fuer Freiheit). Fighting for their version of freedom- forgetting the Church.