Saturday, January 10, 2009

Liturgy School!

Do it like this..... not like that.

"I like the whole wave motion"

Cardinal Mahony's Mass of the Holy Spirit for the new academic year at Mount St Mary's College. What's the difference between Cardinal Schönborn and Cardinal Mahony. The first gives the impression of conservatism but under any pressure of any kind transforms less than miraculously into a liberal. The second gives the impression of liberalism and is in fact a liberal.

Sisters of the Holy Blood in Holland


The first two pictures show the chapel before the last after the wreckovation of their chapel, as early as 1963. The chapel was reconsecrated on the day that Pope Paul VI was crowned. I have attended Vespers in the chapel- of devotion to the Holy Blood in the chapel or among the residents, not a trace.

The foundation of a Josephite noviciate in Belgium

Old postcard- to my surprise it is still going. The most progressive priest when it came to building up the indigenous clergy was one Archbishop Lefebvre. While Fr Karl Rahner was going through guilt ridden verbal agonies proclaiming that he had made a theological break-through and that the Church should be global than Eurocentric, the Archbishop was preaching the Cross of Christ to every tribe and people and nation. But perhaps Fr Rahner was more in love with his own writing than the Bible and Tradition.
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Aliens have landed at Brussels Airport

Or is the tabernacle in the chapel left over from an earlier series of Dr Who?
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Protestants resist church unity

Resistance to united "church" in the north grows.

The protestants of the Regional churches of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Hamburg und Schleswig-Holstein have been trying to unite but now an almighty row has broken out.

I thought the Church of England was bad enough but in Germany thet have a Church of Hamburg, proud not to be Catholic and inventing doctrine just for Hamburg.

Church closing to be featured in Time

Media attention on the scandal of church closing grows.

The St. Stanislaus Kostka parishioners' vigil to keep their church open is featured in the next edition of Time magazine hitting newsstands Monday.

In fact, the growing effort to prevent Catholic church closings is garnering growing media attention, including a front-page story that appeared last week in The New York Times about the ongoing vigils in Boston titled 'Quiet Rebellion.'

And a news crew for WNYT, Albany television channel 13, stopped into St. Stan's Friday for interviews and footage.