Saturday, November 28, 2009

Early Christmas present for the Belgian Faithful, as Cardinal resigns.

Cardinal Godfried Danneels is eclipsed by the beauty of Christmas

Senior figure of the Catholic Church, respected abroad, Belgian Cardinal will leave his post as Archbishop of Malines-Brussels "after Christmas, the celebration of whose mystery has always fascinated him"

The Advent season is about to begin. Mechelen, nice Flemish town between Brussels and Antwerp and historic seat of the Archbishop of the Belgian capital, adorned for Christmas. In one room of Archbishop's palace used as a waiting room, a large old painting representing St. Augustine bishop crosier in his hand, kneeling before the Virgin and Child.

Cardinal Godfried Danneels could take the same pose. Christmas illuminates the life of the archbishop of Malines-Brussels, ever since. "All the important things in my life happened in December," says the Cardinal who was consecrated bishop a mid-December, there are thirty-two years, and expects that his resignation is accepted by the Pope 'By the end of the year, after Christmas. '

But the attraction to the mystery of the incarnation dates from the infancy of Godfried Danneels. "I was really fascinated by the crib. We had a small Crib on a buffet table. We saw Mary, Joseph, shepherds with a small light in front, "He said in his soft voice. Christmas is my birthday. She takes heart. It is one that moves me most, "he says, almost whispering in the quiet of the small library of the palace, where he receives people.

"The great years of horizontality are past"

"I do not know if we realize what we say in declaring" God became man. " God is so great and man, so small. Saint John in the prologue, makes it even more thought provoking, saying "the Word became flesh", " he cites. At 76 years, these words still dazzle the one who is defined as a "man of the Nativity. His episcopal motto -- Apparuit humanitas Dei nostri - Our God has manifested to all men (Titus 3, 4) is also a quote from the Dawn Mass of Christmas Day.

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