Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cardinal Danneels to go in January!

Since my heart problems in 1996, I realised that I was dispensable, since I am convinced that I could easily be replaced by another." said Godfried Danneels, who expects that Pope Benedict XVI will "at the end of the year, after Christmas," accept his resignation as Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels, in an interview with French newspaper La Croix.

The cardinal also said in the interview "that he will leave his successor alone."

He will not get bored once he has finished being Archbishop . The cardinal wants more time for prayer, studying Scripture, resting, listening to music, walking in nature, sports and giving conferences and preaching to small retreats.

Translated rapidly from De Standaard

The Pope's brother will be pleased- he after all said that Cardinal Danneels was no longer Catholic.
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