Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bishop Williamson dragged into Berlusconi scandal

 in the ongoing dispute between Radio Vatican and Il Giornale.

"The case of Williamson again threatens to explode." says the Italian newspaper Il Giornale. " This Wednesday evening, Swedish television wants to again take up the dispute over the traditionalist Bishop Richard Williamson, who denies the Holocaust. Thus the TV journalists are planning to attack the Pope directly: Before he lifted the excommunication against Williamson, he knew quite contrary to his statements of Williamson's Holocaust denial.

The SVT said, according to Il Giornale, that the Bishop of Stockholm had informed the Papal Nuncio in good time about Williamson's scandalous remarks.

Also an important Curial Cardinal knew before the decision of the Pope to lift the excommunication that part of the picture was that Williamson denied the Holocaust.

The Swedish television had already recorded the crucial interview with Williamson, but only shortly before the decision published in the Vatican, and now the channel appears to attack Benedikt himself.

The newspaper "Il Giornale , who reports on the matter, moreove, belongs to the family of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and has in recent weeks by campaigning against a well-known Catholic journalist (" the Boffo case ") against the President of the Italian Parliament ("the Fini Case ") made comments of a rather inglorious nature.

In a letter to the bishops of 10 March Pope Benedict had made clear that he had learned of the denial of the Holocaust by Williamson after his decision to lift his excommunication.


And the Il Giornale article- mostly taken from Rorate Caeli.  Its all in the headline, "The Pope lied".

The civil war at the heart of Italian society. into which the Williamson affair has now been thrown.

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