Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Counter-reformation seminaries praised by Pope


Pope Benedict XVI wants new attention to be given to training for the priesthood. This was part of his statement this Wednesday in Castelgandolfo at the General Audience. The seminaries were the starting point for new evangelization. The Catholic Church finds itself in a similar situation to that at the Council of Trent (in session above), said the Pope.

"The Council of Trent adopted standards for seminaries as the contemporary crisis was caused by poor priestly training. There were candidates for the priesthood who often did not have a mature intellectual and spiritual vision. They were in their hearts and in their soul not ready for this service is not ready. However, the standards were only after a certain time applied in France and Germany ... Also at the present time, we must devote our attention to priestly training to ensure that the future priests are witnesses to the mercy of God, their entire lives being devoted Christ. "

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