Saturday, August 01, 2009

Cathcon- 21 years a Catholic this last July

from the Newman Reader - Apologia (1865) - Notes

Then I recognized at once a reality which was quite a new thing with me. Then I was sensible that I was not making for myself a Church by an effort of thought; I needed not to make an act of faith in her; I had not painfully to force myself into a position, but my mind fell back upon itself in relaxation and in peace, and I gazed at her almost passively as a great objective fact. I looked at her;—at her rites, her ceremonial, and her precepts; and I said, "This is a religion;" and then, when I looked back upon the poor Anglican Church, for which I had laboured so hard, and upon all that appertained to it, and thought of our various attempts to dress it up doctrinally and esthetically, it seemed to me to be the veriest of nonentities.

See also Catechism frames life

I met my wife because I was carrying a book by Newman under my arm at a diplomatic reception- not many people do this.

And to Catholic Oxford which was my true education.
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