Wednesday, August 26, 2009

BBC Newsnight on Spain after the Civil War

BBC - Newsnight -Tuesday 25 August 2009

"I have a great respect for Sue Lloyd Roberts as a film maker but sadly I don't think tonight's documentary did justice to the enormous persecution which the Catholic Church had to endure in Spain prior to and especially during the Civil War. The magisterial history of the war by Hugh Thomas is a good source but also specifically Catholic Martyrs of the Spanish Civil War by Fray de Urbel- not for the faint hearted it contains some horrific pictures- nuns lined up to have their heads shaved and humiliated in public as an example. It explains but, of course, does not excuse the attitude of the authorities to those with a communist family background (- Comment -the documentary focused on the orphan son of a Communist)

The most remarkable story is of the gypsy, Ceferino Gimenez Malla now a Blessed who was executed for defending a priest from attack and continuing to wish to say his rosary, who died shouting Long Live Christ the King. Long before this he was unjustly accused in court of stealing and a charector witness stated 'El Pele is not a thief, he is San Ceferino, patron of Gypsies' which exactly what he became."
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