Monday, July 06, 2009

Save St Mary's Church!

We love this little church because it is a beacon in a dark world. Not only is St. Mary's a spiritually vibrant community, small but mighty, it is completely financially viable. This is exactly the type of church that any diocese ought to want to keep. In an era where church debt is commonplace, St. Mary's Malaga has no debt. Its forebears paid for it, and every last dollar was accounted for. You can even see a list of all the contributors hanging on the wall beside the entrance. And the church has plenty of money in the bank so it's certainly not a potential drain on the Diocese of Camden.

If St. Mary's could start with a small group of immigrant families who gave of their sweat and blood to see it built, certainly there are many more of us who attend St. Mary's now! If there was a cause for St. Mary's 86 years ago, there is all the more cause now than when Malaga was even smaller (hard to imagine, huh?). Contrary to statements on the part of the diocese as rationale for massive church closures, the Vineland-Buena-Malaga area is growing, not shrinking. So those of us who love St. Mary's want to see it and its ministries live on. We believe it is a church worth keeping.

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