Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Priest allegedly worked as a pimp

From Spiegel Online

He took the matter of charity literally: A French priest found a young prostitute a job in a massage parlor gives. Now he must answer a charge of pimping.

Paris - A French priest from Metz allegedly worked as a pimp. He has been suspended from service. The judiciary have undertaken a preliminary investigation, reported the newspaper L'Alsace. "

According to initial investigations the priest wanted to find a young prostitute a job in a massage parlour in which he himself had been a customer several times. The approximately 50-year-old did not profit from it, but only wanted to help the young woman, his lawyer Alain Behr stated.

Indeed a pimp ring was active based at the massage parlour who offered young women on the internet. The gang was active not only in Lorraine, but also in Luxembourg, Belgium and Paris.

Of the ten suspected members under investigation since June, a pair has spent about ten days in jail, the priest being temporarily held in custody and released subject to bail conditions.
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